beauty? ....REST.

oh, hello muffins.  it was an exhausting weekend, was it not?  and a rainy monday to boot.  only one thing to cure that kind of blue.

a little red, a little white, a little tea, a little pj set you salvaged from the train wreck that was last week's sew weekly britannia challenge.  

someone thought she was cute and tried to repeat her two hour dress trick in the precious few minutes of sewing on friday.  but haste makes waste, n'est-ce pas?  that same someone forgot she used stretch jersey on her little two hour diddy, and cut cotton voile and silk out of the very same pattern without adding in the fact that those materials  DO.  NOT.  STRETCH.  

let's just sat that didn't work out.

enter several yards of stretch lace and expensive silk, and my rule britannia pj set was born.  grosgrain's free pattern month aided and abetted, with gertie's half slip tutorial for the bottom, along with my bastardized azalea pattern for the top.  and a little sambuca for the tea.

okay, maybe a lot.

what do you call that panel addition to the side seams (besides last ditch effort)?  are they gussets?  whatever they are, there was no way i was wasting an invisible zip on this, so in they went.

this is the most expensive thing i've sewn to date.  it's a good thing i'll be the only one who ever sees it in real life.  

fabric: cotton voile ($5/yd), silk ($15/yd)
year: now baby
notions: lace, elastic, 3 broken needles ($8)
time to complete: too frigging long.
first worn: this evening
wear again: whatever.
total cost: $28.  also known as highway robbery.

now take my monday blues advice and go get yourself a stiff one.  of either kind.  and be sure to rest those peepers, they're the only ones you've got!


  1. what, Ruggy doesn't get to see it?

    I think not.

    It's super-cute (which I guess is to be expected of a minor fortune). I like the side thingies. I think we're calling those "panels", btw.

    Do you usually lounge in your jammies with pumps on?

  2. "Do you usually lounge in your jammies with pumps on?"

    that was just for you, beangirl. i'm quite serious.

  3. ahahaaaa
    this kind of things always happen to me
    don't find them funny when they do
    my solutions:
    a. bury everything deep into the fabric box and forget about it for a year or two
    b. garbage can

    both a. and b. are quickly followed with some booze
    congratulations on not loosing it :)

  4. Is the red and white strip e the silk? If so, I have that fabric! I got it in LA and I'm afraid to cut into it!!

  5. If it were my blunder, it would've ended up in a crumpled wad, shoved into a paper bag, not to resurface until after a few FLAMING COCKTAILS. It would then most likely see new life as a hat lining. Pajamas are a good save. And those pumps, are they the reason your feets were killin you in the last post?

  6. aha, I wish I was more of a drink person, although I love a good scotch or mojito now and then. I definitely need some Monday blues remedies. What is it about Mondays?

    Love that you kept going--I need some of that tenacity. I have ufos all over planet sewing room.

  7. >> mokosha: i kind of wish i would've gone for option B. instead i have this elephant in my closet that i can' justify tossing!

    >> beth: it IS. i can't believe it sat in my stash for this long only to become a half slip! i got mine in NY at paron's. cut it, you're bound to come out with something better!

    >> miss big: oooooh...flaming.... well, the pumps were for beangirl. but the aerosoles sandals i wore all weekend were surprisingly just as high as the pumps. i took a good look at them after chasing thirty children in a wet bouncy house and it was like i'd been blind. comfort shoes my ass.

    >> amy: i like it! planet sewing room! next time things get out of control and take over ruggy's area, i'm going to tell him it's an eclipse. unavoidable.

  8. Aww! Good save, anyway. This is why I have yet to sew with silk. That and I'm chicken. I need to sew more jammies. Also, I don't think I've ever combined booze and jammies. That is probably really sad....

  9. They look cute. I like the stripes and the bow in your hair. This is why expensive fabric scares me. I feel like I can't cut into it in case I massively screw up. When I do screw up, instead of acting like an adult and trying to salvage it, I throw a tantrum and refuse to speak to my sewing machine for days.

  10. Love the silk fabrics! They are some pretty sweet PJs :-)

  11. PJs the perfect save...seriously not that expensive...!

  12. oh oh oh I love this post!!!!! :) (love the photos!) ... I felt like having a pijama party!!! :)

    good week to you from the other side of the river...

  13. >> tanit-isis: agan, i cry foul. i KNOWS you of all peeps could work le silk.

    >> camelia: i'm the same way. the serger did have to sit in the corner (but that serger, she's a bitch).

    >> wendy: thank you!

    >> laura: and thank you too!!

    >> cathe: oh, this might as well have been retail price for me. with no discount. the horror.

    >> cara: hello you yellow girl! glad you liked it :))

  14. Oh, LOVE LOVE them! The remind me of a pair of jammies I saw at Alannah Hill, a couple years ago; very girly and whimsical, and with that lovely pattern mix!
    My FAVOURITE clothes have a mix of fabrics, that thing Anthropologie does it all the time where they'll have a skirt with one fabric for the flouncy bit, and another for the yoke, or they do say drill pants with welt pockets in a contrasting floral. I DIE for the fabric mash-up. I always want to try it myself and have done so on only two occasions, because I have a hard time feeling confident that I've got the mix right, that it's gonna be Anthro-tastic rather than looking like I'm wearing a quilt.
    But YOU m'dear, clearly have the gift! I'm so jealous at how awesome your 'salvaged' projects always turn out!

  15. Gorgeous! I know the price tag has inspired horror in yourself but I don't think it's that bad...particularly as you got something pretty from it!

    I took your advice and had a few little drinks for my husband's birthday last night. Like a distracted puppy I wandered past my sewing project on the ironing board and started pinning. My friend looked at me with concern and said, "Darling, you only THINK you're pinning that straight..." I checked this morning and she was right, dammit. I was quite adamant at the time...

  16. So lovely and kudos to you for using silk! Silk makes me crazay. I could live without working with that fabric again. Everytime I sew with it, I curse my stitches and my needle because they are destroying perfectly awesome fabric. I don't think I am supposed to be having these thoughts.

    Love the lounging pjs, and I love that you are wearing heels and drinking alcohol out of a teacup. I may have to fit that into my weekend plans.


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