vintage vogue very easy

if by "very easy" you mean thirteen pattern pieces (seven of them interfaced) and three yards of fabric.  for a knee length sleeveless summer dress.

WHATEVER, vintage vogue.

what's the most yardage you've ever used on a pattern?  was it worth it?


  1. Wowza! That's beautiful fabric, though.

    Most fabric per pattern---my princess seamed winter coat from last fall. The skirt, when assembled, is a full 3/4 circle. The pattern called for over five yards for the full length skirt; I managed to eke it out of 4.5m, but had to piece my facings. Plus another four + yards for the lining, and a couple yards of interlining just for the bodice...

    Worth it? I wore that coat every day this past winter, and it kept me (almost) warm enough all through the Canadian winter. So in that case, yes.

    2m of fabric for my little knee-length gored skirt, now that was hard to choke down...

  2. The most I've ever used has been three yards, but I'm about to embark upon a four yard plus project. I would be more apprehensive but the fabric I'm using is a group of army issue bedsheets from the 1940's which I cleaned and dyed, so I'm sort of like, yeah, four yards of fabric, let's do this thing!

    That being said, whenever they say "very easy" I run, don't walk, far away. It's never easy. They always lie.

  3. I bet the end result will be well worth the fabric! I went crazy with Halloween costumes last year and made a Captain Hook costume for my husband (though he told everyone he was Captain Morgan) which called for at least 5 yards of fabric (including lining) and waaayyyy more time than I was planning. Can you guess what he's going as this year?

    (I'm in love with your chair, by the way.)

  4. The most was 5 yards for a dirndl dress which I don't really like, boo. I wonder what pattern you are making :)

  5. I like the look of that material babes! Looks vintage itself!

    Since most of my fabric is thrifted, I never have that much yardage and I kinda avoid patterns that need to much! Sometimes I can be perhaps too thrifty!

  6. What is this "yardage" of which you speak? ^_~

    Probably the four yards of planet fabric it took me before I realized I could just make a skirt out of it instead of a dress.

  7. If I ever finished a garment, I might have a better idea of how much fabric it was going to use up. As it is, I only use about a yard of fabric at a time, because that's all I ever get cut out.....

    It's possible I have issues.

  8. I seem to favour the pattern 'high-in-yardage', especially circle skirts. Oh man, I love Circle Skirts but they use SO. MUCH. fabric!

  9. Yeah, I know. In my experience, most vogue patterns are not "very easy". ;)

    I think the most yardage I've ever used was for my Lady Grey coat. It was definitely worth it, but I also expected I would use a lot of yardage going into the project when making a winter coat.

  10. I'm thinking the 4 1/2 yards for the Colette Crepe pattern. That much for a wrap dress?? I haven't actually made the pattern yet, but I have the fabric ready to go. I feel like Colette Patterns in general require a lot of yardage. The Beignet Skirt called for 2.5 yards for 60" fabric, but I ended up using only 1 yard!

    Hopefully your back doesn't hurt after laying out all those pieces on the floor! Always gets me when I have to do that.

  11. oh, that blows, are your comments are gone-errific. hopefully they'll come back....

    >> tanit-isis, i don't know how yours escaped the comment succubus, but i must agree. your coat was Way. Worth IT.

  12. Hi Oona,

    Excited to see what this project will look like. I sent you a message on Burda Style this morning, but not sure if it went through. Sorry we missed each other yesterday. Would love to try and meet in the real world sometime soon!:)

  13. Ooh, looks like we're back online. Made me realize yesterday how many folks are on blogger. 13 pieces, yowsa. I tried to cut a cape this past winter that needed about 3 1/2-4 yards of wool and it was such a pain that I put it aside till next year - the thing is that I don't have that much room to cut. Dogs and cats prevent me from floor-cutting! Your floor is beautiful. Really shiny ;)

  14. missed daughter fish: yes! i'll swing over to burdastyle in a minute... i think the garment district is a goood choice :)))

    amy: it is shiny, isn't it? it's also rice paper thin, we had to resand them after our sublettors left. i hope you get to finishing that cape...

  15. The first dress I ever made was a 50s dress with full circle skirt that needed 4.5 metres (nearly 5 yards) of fabric. I do love the fabric and the dress though! I used one of my great-grandma's buckles on the self-fabric belt so it is a little sentimental too (even if I never met my great-grandma...)

    The most fabric required for something I never made was a Colette pattern dress. If I used 45" wide fabric, I would need a total 8.5 yards (shell + lining). Ouch! I never made it because I bought it without looking at the pattern sizings, later found I don't fit in one size category and there's no way I could figure out grading for it!

  16. Ha, Easy Vogue!
    Easy, yes, quick, no. There's not an equation between those two...

    The most yardage I've ever used? I don't remember the yardage, but it was probably my graduation ball dress, which would be worth it if I knew what I was doing back then. (It has two layers and manages to be somewhat changeable...) Or my medieval dress still-in-the-making, and that's totally worth it, because it still uses much less fabric than a modern dress of a similar scope (i.e. floor length skirt) would, I think. It certainly leaves much less useless remnants.

  17. Most fabric I've ever used was for a 1950's Vogue style. 7 METRES!!!! For one dress! And it wasn't even lined. Those ultra-full skirts with inverted pleats are a fabric killer, that's for sure.

    The dress looked fantastic made up. But sadly the friend I made it for dropped 2 full dress sizes not long after, so it didn't get much wearing. One of these days, I'm going to figure out how to adjust the dratted thing two sizes so it can be worn again..... (Wish me luck with that one, as it's a tricky style to adjust!!)

  18. wooooow that is a lot of fabric indeed and I love it!!! :)

    every time I come to Oona´s planet I smile... (and sneeze a little) maybe all the new dresses?.... :)



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