sew weekly sunday: hat's off

as i've mentioned before, i'm not so good with the hat.  could be because of my ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF HAIR.

but for sew weekly, i'll give it the good old english try.  no, that's college try. i'm confusing it with the royal wedding and all.  i've been confused most of the weekend.  i really don't see how it's may.  i wish i could give you a more coherent post, but we've been out for the past 48 hours and it's all i can do to type its possessive versus it's plural.

also, the hat would not stay on during photos.  at first i was fairly proud of myself hair-wise as i didn't need a hatpin.  just the sheer muscle of my small country of curls expanding against the side of the hat was enough to keep it on.  almost.  observe the evidence, please: oblivious to impending blast off.

ain't it purty?  the hat, i mean.  the dress is a disaster.  the hat was ruggy's grandmother's.  he loves me in hats, apparently, so i've inherited three vintage beauties.

but those buttons are a big heaping help of what do you do with a drunken sailor.  with a side order of hangover. 

did have fun covering them.  the faux snakeskin matches the pale lavender lining exactly.  and it's a good thing i was so careful as to line the dress, as this is probably the only time i'll ever wear it.

ruggy: whatcha making?

oona: a dress!  it's going to be my easter dress!

ruggy: when was the last time we did something on easter?

oona:   .

okay.  maybe i'll wear it to a spring wedding.  when's that other prince getting hitched?

fabric: lace ($2), taffeta (free!), faux snakeskin ($1), poly lining ($3) 
pattern: simplicity project runway 2473 ($2 at a hancock's sale, god bless em)
year: erm, ? sometime in the 2000s
notions: invisible zip ($1), highly addictive cover your own fabric buttons ($5)
time to complete: well, it began a month ago, and was quickly banned to the UFO pile.  this challenge saved it. let's call it nine hours altogether, shall we?  yes, let's.
total cost: $14
first worn: today
wear again: the next time i go to a conservative wedding.  or lunch with the ladies.  also known as never.


  1. I love this dress! Plaid AND lace!? and that hat is adorable, missy!

  2. Too much hair?! Dat's a foist-class problem if I evah hoidah one! No surprise though, youse bein' a foist-class dame an' all!

  3. that hat looks so cute with your hair and the expressions you pull! I could just believe it if you said you wear that hat all day!:))

  4. That's the cutest hat ever! And I'd say you could get away with wearing that dress to any wedding!

  5. Cute hat!! Now I want to see the others! The dress is fabulous and I think the buttons look great...thanks for the link to the self-covered small buttons. I've been having trouble finding small ones...so this is perfect (I can imagine they are addictive!)

  6. I love your sense of humour you are a riot!! Aw and it's a shame you wont wear it again maybe tuck it away and bring it out in a couple of months you may fall in love with it. Fabulous work I think.

  7. Cute hat! And I love that lace bodice...

  8. I think the dress is pretty awesome, with a nice dose of 1960s feel to it. In theater, we stick a bit of scratchy-side velcro in hats for women whose hair fills the whole hat. Maybe you could try that? For men we use top-stick, but I don't much care for it.

  9. OK, so totally totally TOTALLY loving Lisettes velcro suggestion. It's just so... I mean... but it's... just. so. perfect.

    That's all I had to say.

  10. OK, fine, that's not all I had to say.

    That hat is amazing. I'm liking the dress but I can see where it's maybe not HUGELY practical. Because of course clothing is ALWAYS chosen by how PRACTICAL it is, right?

    Uh huh.

    (OMGOMGOMG best word verification EVer: "deadiste" I don't know what that is, but doesn't it totally conjure images of Helena Bonham-Carter and lovely gothic decay? Right? Right?)

  11. ha ha - your hat issues reminded me of my high school graduation. Year: 1992. Hair styles: HUGE 80's HAIR!! Me: not with it - stick straight hair (I was anticipating the 90's styles) I was the ONLY GIRL wearing my hat flat instead of attached to the back of my head behind eight hairsprayed inches of bangs. When my over-achieving friend Darla got up to make her speech, she knocked my hat forward where the bobby pins and gravity conspired to attempt to suffocate me. Luckily, no photos remain showing me wearing my hat ON my face...

    Ah! But the dress! I love the style, but know what you mean about wavy buttons. I am a lunatic when putting on buttons (speaking of the 90's, last night finished babydoll dress with buttons all the way down the front.... they're meant to be wavy...)

    I LOVE self covered buttons! Covering those little ones is a total pain in the patootie, though. I have to baste running stitches around the edges and the fabric always hops out from the backing before I can give 'em a good whack with the mallet. I have to buy at least twice as many as I need as I made that many mistakes. I usually manage to get a good whack on one of my fingers as well.

    I love the dress. Here's to a lunch with the ladies and a good daytime wedding in your near future!

  12. Love the dress but love the hair more!! I would kill (only kidding) to have your hair. And that's all natural right, even the color? How lucky you are, mines going gray and my curls won't form glossy full ringlets like yours. Praise your hair.

  13. Love. This. Dress. Please make one in my size. I adore the covered buttons and the lace overlay - I think the color is something dreams are made of. The plaid is calling my name and saying lovely things like "Margaritas outside of a tapas restaurant" and "Walk in the park with a parasol" and "Outdoor wedding." It's a shame you don't think you'll wear it again...but don't give up on it just yet :)

  14. I think the dress is so darling! You'll never wear it again? Come now, its superb! You've done magic with taffeta and lace! Wear it everyday, please! Darling!

    The hat is just peachy too! Gorgeous! The whole outfit is just to die for!


  15. The plaid and lace is such an unexpected combo Oona, I really love it! And who doesn't adore buttons up the back? :)

  16. Love the taffeta -- and the hat gives you a definite old school stewardess vibe, which is a compliment!

  17. >>meg n: thanks girl! it is a missy kind of hat, isn't it?

    >>big: too much. i cannot think of a reply. that is fabulous. beangirl, assistance please.

    >>magda: i likes to make-a de faces.

    >>magpie: thanks! now if only my friends would get married instead of living in sin. kids today.

    >>debi: i think i may pull one out for this week's challenge. and YES, you need those buttons! especially for those new patterns!

    >>kazz: it's staying in the closet for pride's sake. and right back atcha funny girl.

    >>alessa: thank you! though i forgot about the see through part, and now must dedicate a slip to it.

    >>lisette: that. is AWESOME. i am so doing that. i have plenty of hair to sacrifice.

    >>beangirl: i second you on lisette, i gasped out loud when reading her tip. can you gasp silently? maybe, if you were a deadiste.

    >>patty: ROLLING ON THE FLOOR. please, oh please, LET THERE BE A PICTURE!!! and don't be afraid of the tiny buttons. at least not these ones, no mallet required, you pop them out of a soft plastic doohickey!

    >>isaspacey: well thank you! yes, all natural, erm, the blonde tips not so much, altho it does change drastically with a little sun. LOTS of gel + finger twirling = ringlets. otherwise, i'm chaka khan.

    >>meg g: if this were your size i would ship it to you tomorrow. maybe it is your size. ???

    >>sunni: you give the sweetest compliments! i conjured you while finishing it and tried to get the inside as pretty as the outside :)

    >>ashley: the fabric combo is my favorite part of the dress, besides the buttons. now if only i liked the dress itself.

    >>beth: YEAH old school stewardess! i only had two scenarios where i could wear this, thanks for the third!

  18. I was thinking funky, old school stewardess, too. I love the buttons up the back.

  19. I LOVE the top of this! Beautiful.

  20. gasp! love this!
    Love your color combos, fabric choices, everything!


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