holy haberdashery

speaking of matching... yesterday evening, i went through my closet and put all the stuff i've made on the top rack, and all the RTW stuff on the bottom rack.  and then immediately grabbed ruggy to show him because i could not believe my eyes.

say WHAT?!

over at the burdastyle blog today, they're talking about personal style.  which i thought was interesting, because when i gazed at the cacophony of cloth here last night, i realized NOTHING goes together.  i have no idea what my "look" would be called.  (colorblind does come to mind.)  urbandon commented that "if most of what you have in your wardrobe is similar then you have a look.  simple as that."

good point.  i'm screwed.  or i'm technicolor.  or maybe i'm a sarah jessica parker sort of gal.  oh yes, please.  i'd join her fashion schizo gang any day.

but holy crap!  i seriously can't believe that rack.  the shelves are also filled with only handmade goodies. that crochetish stipey thing on the bottom of the pile is one of the first things i ever made.

i invite you to play along.  it's extremely eye opening.  holy haberdashery, let's see the insides of those closets! (and let a girl know if you do, i don't want to miss it...)


  1. wowza...such beautiful colors! Are you doing me-made-June? You certainly have enough to show us a month of lovely me made clothes :)

  2. Wow. That is all I can say. I think you have more prints in there than I've worn in my entire life.

    Yes, I'd say you have a look. :D

    I'd show my closet, but it's so... Boring... By comparison. :(

  3. that is sooo like mine closet
    love it!
    though mine looks like
    hurricane raged trough it

  4. debi: the problem is most of them are fancy goin-out dresses. we don't do a whole lot of fancy goin-out.... though i can be persuaded.

    tanit-isis: no ma'am, mizz isis, i do not believe it. you go put your closet together right now. admit it, it's probably camera ready!

    mokosha: speaking of camera ready, my closet NEVER looks like this :) and i did think i had many bright colors like you!!

  5. I would say you're "colorful". And not just in language.

  6. Ooooo...color!!! Love all of the prints and fabulousness happening inside of your closet - you are definitely technicolor because you are too good for SJP. Excellent work!

  7. 1) SO FREAKIN JEALOUS of your closet and organisation.
    2) SO FREAKIN JEALOUS of all those beautiful fabrics.

    I would show you my wardrobe but it is a hamper. And a chest of drawers. Not aesthetic at all and quite wrinkly come to think of it! I'll see what I can do.

  8. Your style is happy! Happy Happy Colors.

    I love them all.

  9. That is one incredible closet of happiness! You could rename your closet "Technicolour Funland" and charge an entrance fee like a theme park for people to come and gaze upon its awesomeness.

    I wish I could show you my closet but it is currently the holding cell of a mouse (not kidding). On top of that, my wardrobe doesn't make me very happy at the moment. I'm trying to stop sewing for other people's kids and start sewing for me in order to reverse that but it's going to take some time. I do have a separate wardrobe for my vintage dresses (much to husband's bemusement) but a lot of them just aren't every day wearable. Thanks for sharing your closet though - it has amazed, inspired and made me happy!

  10. I'm so jealous of your colorful wardrobe! So many bright and beautiful fabrics! My closet is so conservative that it puts me to sleep. It could use a good dose of color and pattern to liven it up! :)

  11. You've inspired me to take photos of my wardrobe too now! I don't have as many hand made clothes yet but I can join you on colour and pattern! ;) I hope one day my wardrobe can look as bright and packed with hand made clothes as yours!

  12. so many cheerful prints! I really need to get more color in my closet!

  13. I'll probably do so when MMJune rolls around, you know?
    I think it is delightful, thought, that you have so many colorful prints and different fabrics. I feel rather boring by comparison.

  14. I think I've somehow stumbled upon Rainbow Brite's Blog! Dammit! Where are the UNICORNS????!!!!

  15. *sigh*

    I wish my wardrobe looked like that... you know my clothes used to be a whole lot more colourful than they are now.

    *wanders off to consider colour and wardrobes*

    P.S This post might be why I dug out my bright purple combats and a grass green shirt today. Thanks!

  16. You know, I was going through my closet and realizing that more and more of what I wear I make myself. Or came from my friend that keeps losing weight (surgery) or the thrift store.

    Does costuming count?

  17. angie: double entendre. NICE.

    meg g: eep! thank you!

    saro: i like it. happy is numero uno.

    emilykate: i really should have done a "before" shot. so very not organized. in fact, the top rail is still organized, but the rest of my half of the closet has turned into armageddon. i wanna see!!!

    amy: once you put one wild thing in there, it will grow...

    amanda: been there with the mouse. and no. you must stop sewing for others. you are the most important person in your sewing life. ( that said please take some time out and show us those vintage dresses. )

    magpie &
    lisette: oh good! let me know when you do!

    magda: but you are tres colorful :)

    big: you really do know how to call em. that's frigging perfect.

    may: i am SO glad you put purple and green together! YEAH COLOR! i went through a very drab phase colorwise, i think my brain is finally rebelling. just make it so!

    ladykatza: costuming totally counts. at least in my book. i mean, it has to in my book, considering my closet.

  18. Lot of colour!

    I took a pic of my wardrobe last year and was surprised by the print chaos...


    Since then I have been trying to buy less prints but I have had to get used to wearing a lot of mismatched stuff together....

  19. That is an amazing and awesome thing! I say screw having a style if you have to have all things go together- that just sounds dull.

  20. This makes me insanely jealous; everything I own is so boring in comparison! I'm going to go throw everything I own away. BRB!

  21. >>jodi: oh ye of the gorgeous vibrant blue dress, fabulous closet! i'm seeing some plaid love in there. isn't it shocking to see all those patterns together? i'm thinking i may need to make a couple solid separates...

    >>meg n: yes, i must agree... but on occasion i do feel they may whisk me away to bellvue.

    >> hip-oh: No. WAY. your style is genius and should not be tampered with!!!

  22. Oh, you do have a look. It does not have to match, does it? It has to match you.

    BTW, I say that because I think I have a look, too - because if I try something on that's not "me", I know it - but what that look is, I don't know. Just me.

    I won't show you my closet. Mostly because I don't have a closet, just several smaller spaces to store my clothes in. The bigger one - a wardrobe - I share with my mom's mostly unworn clothes and our collection of sewing magazines and other things I'm not sure about. So it does not look as presentable, and I doubt it ever will.

  23. Eclectic is your style, I would say, but also amazing it's an adjective I would use!


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