sew weekly sunday: proof

my feets are KILLIN me.

but i did finish this week's sew weekly theme.  i SWEARS.  before i could accomplish le photo shoot, birthday monsters tried to kill me (read: thirty children, a bouncy house, twenty gallons of rain and not quite enough wine).  

if the barrage of prints piques your interest, come on back tomorrow for show and tell!  


  1. I recently started following your blog and I absolutely love it... your sewing and your writing are amazingly fun! Can't wait to see this latest creation!

  2. Tomorrow? Will there be fireworks? I hope so. At the very least a flaming cocktail?

  3. I'm dying with anticipation!!!

  4. Bouncy house! Can't wait to see your print-tastic English creation x

  5. yupp.. this is going to be a treat, i can tell already..
    one can never go wrong with stripes :)

  6. Oooo...what Lisette said. Can't wait to see it!

    Word verification: sanell. Like purell, but for sane people. You have to have a membership card to buy. I've been denied every time.

  7. Big In Japan said: Flaming. Cocktail.

    BAHAHAHHHAHAHA. I so expect pictures of flaming cocktails now.

    Also, birthday parties are sheet evil. Although flaming cocktails do help.

  8. Or they might even be "sheer" evil. Although "sheet" evil is sort of... intriguing.

    Word verification: "reburb". BAHAHAHHAHAHA. This is when you move to the burbs, move back to the city and then decide to move back to the burbs again. you reburb.

  9. Interest is most definitely peaked, dearie.

    -Meg Needles

  10. natasha: thank you and weclome!

    beangirl: i truly thought you were introducing me to some new lingo...

    well it's up y'all. in all it's non-glory. i really should have conjured up that flaming cocktail. a sparkler at the VERY least.


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