i did not sew today.

last week, roundabout the time of the earth shatteringly depressing skirt made in ruggy's absence, i thought to myself:  i need to get out more.  see some real live people and stop cursing at my elna pro dc 5 lock.

(the elna actually prefers tough love.)

i got my wish.  i think the last time i was this social of a butterfly was last christmas.  

i've also been thinking:  i need to read more.  that is to say, more of the printed word on paper, just a little something to round out my daily devouring of sewing and style blogs...

so what do i do?  i buy a book on style.  at anthropologie, no less.

anna johnson has apparently mastered "the art of more for less", and in her book "savvy chic", she will tell you how to become your own jedi in 306 pages.  this book screamed at me from the shelves (the sale shelves, no less, what an extremely accommodating start) BUY ME!!! in technicolor hues.  i am admittedly a fan of the technicolor.

but part 1, enticingly entitled Clothes, advises you to build your "chiconomy" wardrobe on neutrals:  brown. cream. honey beige. (because let's be honest, plain beige just sucks).  NO prints.  add splashes of color with solid electric hues in your purse and scarf wear.  but, please, i come from kalkatroona and i am confused: look at the art in these pages...

don't you want this outfit?!  I DO!  the book is filled with gorgeous collages of print and color by emily taff.  it's a chunky little block of oona bait.  so, i was surprised to read the generous helpings of neutral toned advice. 

still, i get that line of thinking.  i do.  as i've mentioned before, nothing in my handmade closet goes together.  so i gave it a go: with anna's rules in mind, i carefully sorted through anthropologie's sale room for the right classic additions to my wardrobe, rather than the cheap trendy additions.  it had to be: something i couldn't make, something well made, and neutrals that went with everything.

here's what i left with:

tres neutral, no?  look, i can't knit a cardigan (i mean, i could, but i would most likely kill someone in the mindnumbingly long and drawn out process).  and the scarf is 100% silk.  so, two out of like eighty six of anna's chiconomy rules ain't bad.

the sweater is actually acid green.  i should lie and say it's more toned down, as in my self timed photo, but no. that there's acid green.  and please note, i was wearing my meeting-mena orange-and-purple dress when i tried the new accessories on.  that's what sealed the deal.

oona: i'm wearing every color in the world right now.

mena: you kind of are.

(mena pauses to consider.)

mena: are those jungle animals?

the next chapter is entiled: Never Wear Stripes In Paris.  wish me luck.

i'm out the door again to my next engagement.  i'll be wearing everything pictured above.  then i've got a date with your blogs.  i'll be wearing rainbow striped pjs.

quick poll!  how many colors do you have on, and how many prints, right this minute??


  1. I own Anna Johnson's Three Black Skirts and I still pull that puppy out for a read every once in awhile. Still crazy relevant. I am digging your purplr jungle animal scarf - the style totally appeals to me - excellent choice! Sadly, I'm only wearing black and grey - I feel like that world in the Rainbow Brite movie where the colors got stolen and then she had to jump on her pony and bring the colors back. I think that's how it went down. Anyway, I'm going running after work and I will be wearing eight colors then because people need to see me to get out of my way :)

    Word verification: Jacro - a kind of macro enabled by a jackrabbit. For realsies.

  2. Right now, not many, just two and no prints! But to my defence it's work clothes, corporate type :/

  3. P.J.s right now after being sufficiently plastered....orange top (running top), printed blue pj bottoms and lilac fleece fancy running jacket..because, I'm, um going to bed and that where I currently wear my work out gear...hhahahahha

  4. I am currently wearing four-hundred-thirty-two colors and sixty-nine prints, twenty-three of which are zebra-based.

    I dare you to prove otherwise.

    word verification: "bougele"... this is some kind of dance. I'm not sure what kind, just some kind.

  5. I'm confused too, how can she spout such crap about neutrals but have a picture that screams colours and prints.

    Currently wearing a boring palette of dark blue jeans and a lilac/blue check/tartan type shirt... brain did not go to funky school this morning, Print count 1 but on the plus side the shirt brings the colour count to 6, Yay!

    Whats the deal with this word verification? I think I've missed something. Do I need to make up some meaning to the word I should be typing in a mo? hmmm lets have a crack at this "Cousee" like a cousin but more exotic?

  6. Those illustrations are indeed very yummy! Want that dress!
    I'm actually dressed rather plainly today, white polka dots on navy (skirt) and black pin dots on white (top). Polka dot mix! ^^

  7. Love the scarf!!! I'm wearing jeans and a tshirt right now, since I'm temporarily unemployed..but it is a turquoise T and I'm wearing bright red sneakers.... As a cpa, I really should love neutrals, but really, they bore me to tears...I love me a good loud print and purple suits..so I adore your wardrobe...

    verification word:foricat...no further comment needed...

  8. Currently wearing a skirt I made from 5 different prints, none of them sedate or anywhere close to neutral. With a teal sleeveless T. So: many colors, but not as colorful as you.

  9. I haven't been reading you for long (that sentence already seems grammatically suspect), but I must say you have a pretty defined style to me. I wouldn't say your clothes actually go together, but they're indeed very, very similar : super-bold prints and colors. I don't even want to think of a world where everybody would wear 'neutrals' and no prints... Bof.

    Not to wear stripes in Paris? yes, definitely a good piece of advice, on the other hand. I find the foreigners' idea of our folkloric outfit hilarious. And oh, I only wear black & denim right now!

  10. I'm rocking the neutrals with a bold color: charcoal pants, white shirt, off-white over shirt and a bright-ass red sweater.

  11. Maybe it is just me, but I pretty much hate most brown neutrals.
    That being said, I did wear a khaki t-shirt today, but it had daisies printed all over it and a border in blue in orange that was rather moroccan looking. Then gray pants, then gold sandals. At the moment, though, I am in striped blue pajama shorts and a red sponge bob t-shirt. I am the picture of class and sophistication.

  12. Pink tights, houndstooth skirt, checked shirt... an outfit that I doubt Anna would approve! But maybe we could be buddies and she could teach me how to pick brown fabrics. I mean, brown is cool, but something that looks like tripple-swirl ice-cream is cooler!

  13. Wow, the contrast between the written word and the illustrations in that book is crazy!

    I like bright colors and prints. I have on two different prints and 11 (?)different colors :)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Oh dear... brutal honesty time? I'm reading blogs over breakfast so I'm still in my PJs. That means 4 colours and one set of prints - my pink flannelette PJ pants with giraffe and flower print that I've had for far too many years to count but I love them (even if I can't quite remember why!). I think I may have even replaced the waist elastic. This whole fashionable ensemble is topped off with a pink singlet top.

    This post did leave me with a few questions though... what the hell is a "chiconomy?" and how did the editor let that one through? You get a book deal and that gives you license to add to the dictionary? It's not in Wikipedia, that makes it not a real word :) ...protective English language rant over!

    I was also curious... the photo with your scarf and the book... what animal is that on your scarf? It looks like the mutant offspring of Big Bird and a stegosaurus. That's not a negative judgement by the way, I do love that scarf!

  16. Wow, that book does look like candy, doesn't it?I don't know if I've talked to anyone outside my immediate family in several days, hmm...

    I am wearing black and red, no print but some topstitching. Me and print... Don't really move in the same circles. Actually I'm also wearing my hubby's bunnyhug, which is covered in intricate metal-type skull-and-chain-and-tribal swirls, which I guess is a kind of print. It's not that I don't like prints at all, but they have to be the right ones, and I don't usually find those...

  17. Black pin striped pants (Michael Khors, thrifted) and a snake skin print (black and grey) knit top... RTW (work clothes). So, I'm wearing exactly two colors. Unless you count my toenails, then three.

  18. I am afraid I am wearing beige (ouch) chinos and sailor shirt :-D I need some of your brightness to cheer up my outfit, I guess!

  19. psssst.... I think Beangirl may have sipped, no, chugged, from the psychedelic kool-aid... But back to minding my own bidness... dark denim plus black and white rock t-shirt. Does the print of the t-shirt count as a print?

    I like the new scarf!

  20. Gorgeous looking book! I've got Anna's Three Black Skirts too.. I think she might be Australian actually! Shall have to see about getting this one.
    I envy your afternoon perusing Anthro up close. I have to make do with the closeup zoom views on the website.
    Now, as for my colours. I hate to say that I am wearing the cliched Melbourne uniform of black on black with accents of black. Oh wait I have a little edging of charcoal grey. And I just looked down and I am wearing red ballet flats that I don't remember having out on.My go-tos are usually... black.
    My word verification is 'vesed'... I am... vesed to discover my inadvertent footwear?

  21. I only have 3 colors on right now--the black and neon green t-shirt that is part of my garden center work uniform, and jeans. So not really an accurate assessment of my usual style!

    I had to laugh at your comment about how nothing in your closet seems to go together. I have the same problem, and am having to force myself to sew some things in solids.

  22. I just have to say, I love your new sweater :)

  23. That's so cool that you met Mena!

    I'm wearing a white top with lots of different colored flowers and navy blue shorts. Definitely not as exciting as Debi's.

    I thought I was the only one that made up sentences for the word verification words here in the comments but then saw Meg's! Mine is 'germalte' - a malt (or malte in French) made from germs.

  24. Everything I have on is from the Target pajama department. Because I'm classy!

    (But on the upside, it's neutral)

    ibiesor - a physical state cured by Vicodin

  25. i'm your kind of gal hehe
    orangebrown shoes
    violet tights
    yellow-orange-brown-white print dress with golden buttons
    very blue cardigan
    and, as a cherry on a cake
    dark green nail polish

  26. Hmm

    Black wedge sandals, gray pants, black shirt with red embroidery. Black scarf with thins multi-colored stripes. No red stripes, which makes me think I don't match but it's my "monday" over here so I think I did alright.

  27. I adore bright colors. Most of my fabric stash is in bright colors. You may want to look at Frenesie de Couture. This blog is no longer active, but since you like bright colors and sew, it's a good one to look at. The blogger's rendition of an Issey Miyake skirt in lime green and turquoise is gorgeous.


  28. 3 colors right now...but one of them is shiny yellow!

  29. Y'ALL! i never even considered that someone might not be wearing at least one print at any given moment!!!

    meg g: jacro. NICE. it could also be your handle when running in technicolor!

    suzy: ah, the corporate ensemble. you ought to stop by victoria's secret "pink" section. you can get like eight colors and two prints in a single pair of undies.

    debi: how can i love you more?

    beangirl: i wouldn't put it past you. and bougele is the dance you do. just you.

    kirsty: you may blame beangirl for the word verification. and anything else you happen to need a culprit for. (cousee, excellent usage!)

    alessa: you are indeed the polka dot queen. i love that THAT'S plain for you!

    karen: oh, turquoise and bright red, one of my favorite combos! thanks for keeping the WC PG. you know i'm quite prim.

    venus: YES to five different prints!!

    carlotta: thanks! i went out in no less than eight non-matching very bold colors/prints today. i had no idea the stripes thing was a cliche...

    lorena: rock that splash of color, girl.

    lisette: both outfits sound glorious. specially the gold sandals. would go great with the bob.

    reana louise: YEAH! brown neutrals can bite it! though, anna does seem nice. she can stay.

    amy: you beat me today. that's SERIOUS.

    amanda: oh, you should see the new words they let through, and the it's instead of it's & you're/your-- that's what kills me. i'm going to take a closer look the the scarf and let you know-- i think mena mentioned the lion king...

    tanit-isis: it may not be print, but i am 100% certain it is BOLD.

    ladykatza: one must always count the toenails.

    marina: beige! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! you must sew something in, let's see, fuchsia, this week!

    big dans japan: well, if it's a rock t shirt, it's bonus points. (i'm pretty sure beangirl is running on fumes at this point.)

    emilykate: whaaaa? que black? i do not understand this word! i have never seen photographic evidence of you in this hue! i am vesed to hear you say it!

    becky: since i've written it, i've sewn ZERO solids! what is wrong with us?

    kelly: thanks mama! i've worn it three days straight now so i think i likes it too :)

    amanda: ooh, germalte. such a disgustingly good one. never saw anyone do this either till beangirl. i thought she was smoking crack.

    magpie: the target pajama department! ho did you manage to find a neutral there? mine is an absolute ZOO of color.

    mokosha: I KNEW I COULD COUNT ON YOU! your outfit sounds like a birthday party.

    saro: it sounds tres classy, like a jazzy beat poet.

    annamarie: thanks for another great link! i've bookmarked some of her FOs, they are gorgeous.

    icansewthat: yellow, especially shiny yellow, counts as like 3 colors at least.

  30. Ooona, my depressing ensemble, except for the very pretty red embroidery, sounds so much better as 'jazzy beat poet'.

    Today, however, I am wearing a very busy white and green print shirt-dress. with pockets. Which is only the best thing ever.

  31. why fight the patterns and colors, it's you!


i thankya truly for taking the time to comment, i love a good conversation-- and hope you know my thanks are always implied, if not always written!