dream lover

i dreamt the other night that ruggy was my first boyfriend, and after years apart, we were working together. because he was my first love, it seemed perfectly kosher to sit too close and hold hands and touch his hair, even though i was married to someone else.  dream oona realized this logic was flawed but let it slide.  i woke up nervous, paused, remembered that ruggy is my husband, and was instantly, incredibly happy.

i tell you this because my first ever colette patterns purchase arrived last week.  it includes an oolong for me, and a negroni for ruggy.

yes, i am about to embark on Sewing For Others once again.  but, as illustrated above, i am insanely in love with this certain Other.  in my dreams, i cheat on him... WITH HIM.  for this man of men, i am bending the golden rule.  plus he really rocked the whole birthday week extravaganza.  in the concrete jungle shot of us, we're pre-boarding a sunset cruise, on a yacht, around manhattan, with a cooler full of alcohol and charcuterie that ruggy had prepared himself.

i think that warrants a shirt.

(oh.  and i pre-ordered sarai's new book to ease any residual pain.)


  1. That's too sweet, dream-logic sometimes has a way of speaking truth!

  2. Everyone's Negroni's during Peter's Men Shirt Sew-Along looked fabulous. I joined in but went with a vintage pattern because I wasn't fully aware of the Colette Pattern awesomeness at the time. And, the Oolong has been looking awesome out in sewing blog lady of late. It's peaked my interest, but I'm nervous about fitting. I will be interested to hear how fitting goes for you. Love the insane love, as well. I leave this week for a second honeymoon with the man I'm insanely in love with. It's a wonderful feeling, am I right? Ruggy sounds like someone worth sewing for. Have fun!

  3. you are so disgustingly sweet. Ew. Jeez.


    (word verification: "ingshlem"... I just... I'm at a loss... )

  4. Hooray! I knew that my guy was the one for me when I started breaking my own rules for him ("I will not go to comic conventions", etc.)! Damn boys-- the things we do cause we love 'em! Looking forward to seeing your Negroni! Love that pattern but boy does it scare me!

  5. Did I just see you on Royal Pains? I kept shouting (in my head) Oona!

  6. I think that speaks volumes about you and your man - that made me smile! Sarai's book looks like a treasure-trove of information for any seamstress, beginning or otherwise! Good one for the home Library!

  7. That is way too cute. He totally deserves a shirt

  8. Your dream is awesome! Sounds like something my crazy subconscious would come up with.

  9. Aw, cute story! It's nice when you find someone who is sewing-for-someone-else worthy :)

    I love the Oolong dress! I've been meaning to make another one. I hope you had a good day of fabric shopping even though we didn't run into each other (next time!). I got polka dot fabric for a Gertie bombshell dress.

    Word verification: thornint. There was a thornint my side when I realized I paid way more on some wool gabardine than I had expected.

  10. ~ amy cloth habit: my thoughts exactly!

    ~ amy sew well: i just had a peek at your shirt and husband, and i think they are BOTH. SCRUMPTIOUS. yeah insane love! have a wonderful 2nd moon!

    ~ beangirl: i can't help it that daniel craig jilted you.

    ~ gingermakes: oh, you gotta go to comic con. was rereading the negroni instructions with a little liquid courage, i can see i'll need it...

    ~ mjb: oui, mademoiselle, c'est moi! :))) i love to think you were shouting oona, that makes me giddy!

    ~ eileen: i thought so too, on both counts!

    ~ suzanne: i know! even though he's playing call of duty at the mo.

    ~ stephanie lynn: i like your subconscious.

    ~ amanda: you know what's funny? we DID pay way more on wool garbadine today than expected!!! we were at mood, chic & pacific from 11-1, but i guess we missed y'all. i kept peeking round corners hoping. :(

  11. Omgeezy, did I really forget about the MPB shopping day? So sad! That's awesome that you were on Royal Pains! The show I work for shoots at the same studio! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for ya!

  12. Lurvely pattern and fabric for Ruggy! I have to hop on the Negroni bandwagon and make a short-sleeve version for Mr. Friday. :)

  13. I too am stupidly in love and want to embark on making Man a shirt. But Man might be hard to fit.

    Please let us know where you find man-worthy fabric. Aside from fitting that's the only thing holding me back.


  14. This is the sweetest post. Can't wait to see how they both turn out. x

  15. Ah! That's why you didn't see us. From 11-12 we were at the FIT exhibit and from 12-1 we were having lunch. We started fabric shopping after that. I'm glad I'm not the only one to buy pricey wool gabardine! I totally blanked and didn't check the price before buying it. Lesson learned!

  16. I love this post! It also inspires me to get cracking on my man's jacket, that I somehow lost the jazz for a couple weeks back. The men deserve the handmade love:) Looking forward to seeing that shirt (and now I want sarai's book!).

  17. This just arrived in my post last week... had to run past R to get the mail before he had a chance to sift through. Not that it would have mattered. He doesn't know Colette makes men's patterns, and even if he did, he's been asking for a shirt for ages. Why would he possibly think I'd be making one now?! I mean, I just made the man a tie.

  18. I'm amazed by your selflessness. The Negroni is going to be my very first SFO - at some point. Ok, let's be straight, one of my bf's friends bribed me to make him a Tim Burton inspired, half black half white Negroni. But the second one will be for bf. ;)

  19. Oh, I've been wanting to make this shirt for my husband forever. I'm sure Ruggy will love it!

  20. ~ ginger: really? i bet we were at the studio on the same days! and we'll have to have a blogger garment district day to make up for MPB :)

    ~ sarah: PLEASE do. i needz inspiration.

    ~ miss sub: if this one turns out decent. i'll be on the hunt & will share my findings :)

  21. Ok...I tried making this shirt for Rob and it was a DISASTER. We are still not able to talk about it without horrible guilt feelings rising up in my core. Stupid flat felled seams *grumble grumble*. I would LOVE to know if you have any secrets to making this pattern awesome because Rob would really love a shirt. While he is still young enough to wear it. He is so demanding.

  22. ~ lexi: so far.... it's still completely in pieces.

    ~ amanda: BUMMER. also, bummer on mood prices. yeeouch. i bought at chic!

    ~ daughter fish: i can SEE. that jacket is looking amazing. i need to step it WAY up.

    ~ threadsquare: i love it! it's like he wouldn't have been able to see it; it's not in his realm of sight... a tie was the first thing ruggy was going to get. then he picked a vogue pattern with 15 pieces. 15 PIECES. didn't happen.

    ~ alessa: i am truly such a giving soul, as you can tell from my PIF... oh wait. i LOVE the tim burton one, and i can't believe you're getting away with making one for someone else first. you're a badass.

    ~ ashley: let's hope.....


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