y'all are party ANIMALS.

it started friday afternoon.  meg the grand and daughter fish stormed in, early birds, but most definitely festive birds.  meg went big with her favorite thing, unboxing a lifesized coldplay, and miss fish uncorked the vino.  the band brought us up to party level in a matter of minutes, meg shaking her pink gremlin covered booty, and daughter fish double fisting it in an otherworldly gold lame infinity dress.

(1. meg of meg the grand, 2. daughter fish of daughter fish) 

lladybird, meli and liza jane were next to knock.  the beautiful bird had worn her party frock to work to make for a quick arrival.  i don't blame her; you do what you have to do to get to the party before all the good alcohol is gone.  no one could resist meli's homemade triple chocolate cake, accompanied by a frothy fairy dress.... and i'll be damned if liza jane didn't bring a teepee.  i'm not shitting you. she hoped we had high ceilings, and our 11 footers just barely made it possible.  she set it up in her groovy tie dyed dress, somebody lit a pipe-- there was a whole 'nother party goin on in there.

(3. lladybird of lladybird, 4. meli of codos on the windowsills, 5. lizajane of lizajane sews)

threadsquare arrived, coolly assessed the situation and chilled the vibe nicely with some tito's vodka, patio grown lime basil, and the classiest summer dress (don't call it a frock!) you ever saw.

(6. threadsquare of threadsquare)

but emilykate, as promised, blew the roof off with a dress made outta easter egg quilting cotton. peeps blinked to be certain they weren't seeing things (quite possible at that point in the evening).  that girl is BANANAS.  she came empty handed, but no one cared as she brought her most excellent and maniacal sense of humor with her. speaking of maniacs, debi pranced in next... bearing several bottles of wine which she claimed as Her Personal Stash.  okay, she didn't say it out loud, but the manner in which she hugged them to her breasts spoke VOLUMES.  it was lucky she didn't share; as guests were arriving already obliterated at that point.  amy banged on the door wearing only a cloth basket on her head, and carrying two cats.  live cats, mind you, not a stole.  the kalkatroonan felines took one look at hat and cats, and hid under the bed.

 (7. emilykate of this is emily kate, 8. debi of my happy sewing place, 9. amy of sew well)

lisette brought the party train in from rhode island-- she was in the midst of celebrating her own birthday, but that don't stop this chiquita! she's got the cajones to party all weekend, and the gorgeous print dress to do it in style.  i eyed it jealously.  luckily, reana louise entered dancing with drink in hand and laundry basket on head, and i forgot my jealousy in fits of laughter.  i was too far gone to scold lisa for party fouling the shindig in solid colors, and the wine she quickly poured me served as the distraction she'd hoped it would.  (plus, those mustard colored tights were the BOMB.)

(10. lisette of what would nancy drew wear? 11. reana louise of curves patterns & pins, 12. lisa of small things)

lexi glided around the party in her aptly named dress, truly looking a magnificent and tres expensive yacht.  after midnight, she  poured everyone a little cava with a wink and a wiggle of her hips, toasting the actual Day Of My Birth.  (oh, were you confused?  it was saturday.  yes, i know, the whole week long celebration can be a bit confusing.  but so very awesome.)  full of bubbly, the guests bellowed out happy birthday in several different keys.  andrea ran to the door in her fabulous pumps to greet more party guests (i was occupied with the machinations of miss fish's infinity dress, and wondering how i could most easily abscond with it.)  oh! andrea exclaimed, and all heads turned to land on the officer in the doorway.  i'm sorry, she said in her most innocent voice,  are we too loud, officer.... MCNAUGHTY?

(13. lexi of after apple picking, 14. andrea of sew cupcake couture)

that girl brought a stripper to the party.  he wrote some citations,  jiggled his handcuffs, and then the nightstick came out.  let's leave it at that.

sobered after our run in with the po-lice, we were in sore need of some class.  enter daisy donut,  in a taffeta ballgown, complete with gloves, fan and feathers, mais oui, her maid by her side carrying the veuve cliquot and fresh bouquet.  when karen, decked out in retro roses, waltzed in and took a gander at the level of high fashion going on, she decided it wouldn't do to just mix the cocktails she brought.  no, she packed the lot of us onto a plane and flew us to her favorite new american bar in london, where a little imbibing, a little hanky panky, and a LOTTA serenading ensued.  (karen, what a melodious voice you have!)

(15. daisy of daisy donuts, 16. karen of did you make that?)

in honor of karen's most excellent treat, kirsty donned her london dress, though we were too wasted at that point to get a snapshot.  heads cut off, blurry, and the like.  someone did snag a picture of her clutch.  there was a cthulhu in there.  i don't know why.  or what, for that matter.  suspicious activity was afoot.  need further proof? elly showed up... in a cut out dress.  le hipster triangle!!! EGADS!!!  she spied my raised eyebrows and threw homemade cookies at me.  as i dove for the sweet treats, louise quietly yet unabashedly slugged from her wee pink flask, giggling in her chic, shimmery dress and wearing her sunglasses... at night.

(17. kirsty of the reel mccoy, 18. elly of adventures in refasioning, 19. louise of a view into my world)

karen of london mixed another cocktail and wondered where sarah had gotten off to... we assumed she'd been pinned down under a mass of lime green polka dots.  there are worse fates.  but oh, to have missed molly's psychedelic song of a dress!  did that dress really happen?  was it a drunken hallucination? truly, colors like that must be a figment of cabernet.

(20. sarah of rhinestones and telephones, 21. molly of toferet's empty bobbin)

lookee there, 21 peeps, my exact age, quelle kismet!  

hey wait just a goddamn minute.  no one got a picture of the birthday girl?!  I DECLARE PARTY FOUL!!!  y'all must have been jealous of my second bombshell dress.  that's okay, i understand.  it was drool inducing.  i'll just have to rectify that tomorrow.

eep, hold le phone!  a last minute guest arrives--- and the best kind, she's here to help me clean up!  shawnta's brought  a few of my favorite things in the form of a menagerie of jungle animals (how did you KNOW?!) and her very most favorite thing: her adorable daughter and fellow leo birthday girl, in a handmade outfit from mama. she looks tall enough to wield a broom, non?  wait, child, where are you going?

(22. shawnta's lioness daughter of peace love & namaste) 

want to see some fabulous outfits and hear the party guests' versions of the debauchery story?  just click on the links!

i thank you from the bottom of my empty wine glass for coming to my party, it was a blast to have you chez kalkatroona!  i am the happiest balloonian in the blogosphere!  


  1. Oh, my, these dresses are amazing! I'm impressed, Ladies. Hope the party was a blast, and I'm sorry I didn't make it.

  2. WOOO! Oona you out do yourself, that party was the best.

  3. Oona dahlink, you are the hostess with mostest! Stellar party!

    I was there - just under the radar. It wasn't the polka dots that almost did me in, it was the feathers!! More on that later....

  4. What a great idea--I love how you bring out so much life. Not one to be a party pooper, I wound up at a lovely Italian brunch today and ordered a strawberry gin fizz with a splash of Prosecco in honor--alas, no pictures--but the drink was a lot prettier than I was today!

  5. I love the different styles of party dresses, I hope we make this a tradition! Hopefully next year I will have progressed enough to join! :)

  6. oh maaaan :( so i missed this??? I'll prepare one year in advance from now on:(((

  7. This was really great fun! And BTW sweeping is her favorite chore to do at OTHER people's houses. I mean she cleans up voluntarily at friends and family, but of course she is a complete slob at home.

  8. Best party I've been to for ages....now I just need to sleep for a week :)

  9. Oh, my head! Thanks though, Oona!

  10. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself, I really can’t remember much past the stripper. (Were there also zoo animals? Or am I thinking of another party?) You were absolutely radiant (and hilarious, as always), and your guests some of the friendliest and best-dressed I’ve ever met. Thanks for the invite!

  11. Oh man, that was fun. Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest.

  12. a party to inspire all parties! also, i seem to have lost my shoes at some point. has anyone seen my shoes???

  13. Great party Oona! My mustard tights have not survived, must have been the jungle animals...

  14. "Wait, when did that happen?", she asks, slowly putting the pieces together of a mad, international weekendbirthdayblogging extravaganza. Recap to the max!

  15. Great party, Oona! Thanks for introducing me to so many fabulous sewing fashionistas. Now to continue the celebration through your entire birthday month. Keep it lively!

  16. Haha what a fabulous round up, it was an awesome party! Thank you for being the hostess with the mostess :)

    Oh and cthulhu decided he wanted to come to party like it was 1999 (oh and the flamingo was unavailable...)

  17. Holy moley, you throw a mean par-tay. I'm not even sure how I got home. Oops.

    15 more days til my birthday, I'd better get my butt in gear or else it'll only be le birthday suit. Eeek!

    Thanks for the fabulous soiree. You're the bestest! :)

  18. !
    thank YOU, ladies! it was so much fun. all friday and saturday, ruggy would ask who'd shown up, and i'd knock him over yelling out my answer.

    never fear, ladies who missed... i'm defintiely rocking this next year. and feel free to swipe the idea if your birthday comes first!

    ~ sarah: EEP! i listed you as karen! c'est rectified. and very intrigued by the feathers...

    ~ amy: that. is SO. on my bar cart list.

    ~ lladybird: shoes? erm, i think beangirl made off with them.

    ~ lisa: oh no! so sad... oh for the day when we can hit a button and color our legs, like the chick with the nails in total recall.

  19. How do you do all this after a party?!

    Great dresses, good friends--lovely life!

  20. BEST. PARTY. EVAR! the best-dressed guests I've ever partied with.
    And a Hot Cop. Nuthin' more to say.

  21. Awesome party, oh awesome hostess! Thanks for letting us all join in for the celebration -- cool people, fancy clothes, and far, far too many delicious drink-makings. What a bash!

  22. Wow! You sewing ladies are "HOT" couture.


  23. so much fun oona, loved it, mmwhaa :-)

  24. LOL! No worries, dahlink! About the feathers, let me just say that burlesque can sometimes be a contact sport!

  25. I can't believe I missed your birthday! My head was full of other things! Anyway, happy belated birthday and surprise to come!

  26. Couldn't make it this year. On a long road trip to Cape Breton with two preschoolers and two parents. Ended up wearing sticky cheerios and vomit.

    (Come to think of it, by the looks of those photos, I probably would have blended right in!)

  27. ~ big daddy with the pun! NICE.

    ~ sewing scientist: my thoughts exactly.

  28. What a wild bunch of drunken creatives. Disgusting. Really, I could have saved you on the stripper...give me a call next time.

  29. ~don:

    next year, don's on board as the stripper. we will expect action shots.


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