say cheese, for realz.

bag of cheap baubles from the jewelry district.  they put them in a plastic bag to be sure you're not making off with more than you paid for.  i need them, you see, for accessorizing.  i also like to act shady and make them keep an eye on me while i shop.

this week's oona does it! is up.  i wore the purple-y accessory.  and i do have a bit of story to tell you that's not in the column.

sis-in-law and i were at mood, me in my challenge dress, she ready to photograph me after our garment district spree.  for this challenge, i went with a pattern instead of a self-drafted dress, you know, to change it up a bit.

(oona and sis stand in the woolens section, carefully weighing the pros and cons of a beautiful mohair with the charming and chatty todd, when a second clerk comes a running.)

clerk deux:  TODD.  wrap it up, we're closing.

(it is 11:30 am.  the ladies blink.)

oona:  oh, we had no idea you close this early on saturdays--

(second clerk sighs: a resigned sound.)

clerk deux:  nooo, we don't.  we're taping.

oona:  oh.

yeah, project runway called and said they were on the way, CLOSE THE JOINT.  apparently this happens all the time, and at a moment's notice (news to me; i shop at paron & chic).  sis snagged the mohair and we waited in line.  they nearly wouldn't even let us do that (though they were supremely nice and apologetic).  as we waited, i inwardly lamented the fact that the ONE TIME i had decided to wear something NOT self drafted, tim gunn and crew were about to storm the castle.  what would i say when they saw me?  most assuredly they would fall to their knees in adoration, ready themselves to declare me the winner of the current season, and ask with baited breath if i was wearing my own design.  i was screwed.

as credit card was handed over, a second call was received.  they were not coming.   crisis averted.  i wondered about all the customers mood had just ejected for nothing.  

i guess that's why they say thank-you-mood.


  1. Awesome bracelets.
    That's crazy about Mood, I always wondered why there was never anybody else in the store on the show.

  2. It makes sense though, that they'd close the store to other customers and why they usually have so little time. I have to say that the people at Mood when I went there were SUPER HELPFUL. I was surprised.

    Can I come camp out on your couch for a few days so I can take hunting missions into the jewelry/fabric districts?? I'll buy you all the wine and buratta my pocket book will allow!

  3. Whew you avoided that one Oona! That kind of sucks for the store to be at their whim like that, but I guess the publicity makes up for it.

  4. Crazy story! That is so cool!

  5. Ah, I feel sorry for the clerks.

    The bracelets are great. I like those bangles in the middle. Not for me (colours), but I'm sure they're for you!

  6. That's a crazy story. I've watched PR a lot but never really thought about the logistics of them going shopping at Mood. One would think that they could plan ahead a bit better though...

  7. CRAZAY! I would have freaked out and parked myself outside the store. It's awesome that you have that story now!

  8. ~ molly: i never thought about that fact till it happened :)

    ~ lady katza: you'll need an extra suitcase for all the loot!!

    ~ shawnta: that's what i thought-- also, their average price of $30 bucks a yard prolly helps :)

    ~ debi: we must go, and see if we get lucky...

    ~ hana: i did too! they seemed so hangdog about it...

    ~ stephanie lynn: seriously. i mean, they have to shop once a week, right? it's a given!

    ~ meg: we just might..... :)))

  9. Great story! I figured they dragged them there on a day Mood was typically closed for bizniss. Oh, and keep those shop owners guessing about you... you're obviously a sketchy customer :P

  10. PS- way to sell out a pattern, girl! I wish I'd seen your post sooner.

  11. I love this story! Now you'll never walk by that store on the street without wearing something self-drafted.

  12. Thats quite a story! Too bad they didnt actually go to the store!

  13. Wow, that is an awesome story. I love your stories. One day I will shop at Mood, it is on my bucket list.

  14. Project Runway missed a golden oppertunity to see you in a self-stiched dress, and declare you the wildcard of the season.

    When I went to mood, I bought zippers there just for the plastic bag that said: 'Mood' :P.

  15. I totally had a Tim Gunn moment last night when I realized I didn't have quite enough fabric as I was cutting out a new dress. "Make it work," I said out loud, realizing too late that I'd been possessed by the ghost of T.V. Tim.

    I love that costume jewelry, 'specially the pretty purple and blue cuff. And your burrata dress! Que pretty!

  16. I'm just jealous that you live so close to Mood! ;)


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