happy birthday mom!

mom of the greenest thumb, whom flowers flock to in adoration, even hurricane irene would not sully this day.  i hope you have treats by your side, big daddy on a constant pour, a good flick on the tube, and a calm garden to gaze at!


  1. wishing your mom many returns of the day!


  2. Thank you beautiful Oona! My birthday was wonderful and who knew, a birthday week full of surprises, first an earthquake, than a hurricane, oh my!!!

    Thank you Debi and Magda for the nice birthday wishes!!

  3. Happy birthday Mama Balloona!! May your day be joyful, loving, and all that you dreamed.

  4. Happy birthday Eileen!

    You're so special you got an earthquake and a hurricane for your birthday week gifts!


  5. Thank you Sarah and Big D too!

    A lovely birthday gift from Oona today to Big Daddy and me--books--- which she knows we love!!!
    And another big gift today---we have electrical power back and our land phone and our cell phone is back on too--( wouldn't you figure between a land and cell phone at least one of them could work? ) But I can't complain, the hurricane didn't do much to us at all and the earthquake was more like being rocked to sleep.
    Ah the normalcy of power, electricity, phones, garbage pick-ups, etc.
    Life is bliss!


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