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contrary to what those trollops that came to my birthday party might say, i did NOT arrive in my birthday suit.  it was tempting, but in the end, reason won out over debi's drunken midnight ramblings about going streaking.

quelle demure, non? this is the top portion of number two from gertie's bombshell course, paired with a (shortened) summer sewing camp for girls skirt.  and fabulous shoes that beangirl does not own.

one can almost always count on it to be Africa Hot on my birthday, so i left the boning and lining out this time, and added straps for support.  you can see that even though i am a proud member of the itty bitty committee, the top is still sagalicious for want of extra work.  and extra work it shall get.

damn stylist.  i swear, is it that  hard to tuck me in before a shot?  i'm sick of hearing he can only do so much with paws.  EXCUSES.  no catnip for le stylist today.

hello little bustier made in my birthday week!  you're a hot mess.  interlined, french seamed and bias taped, yes, but still a hot mess.  she's on my table for some surgery, she's getting a matching (EGADS!) gathered skirt and possibly an orange accent belt...

but she served her purpose.  i had all the color i wanted on The Day, and all the rain i could handle as well.  i can't remember the last time it rained on my birthday.  the outdoor jazz concert and garden picnic we were ready for turned into a gastronomic fete in my friend's 12 foot long truck.  it was So.  High School.  AWESOME.  and luckily my skirt was bright enough to replicate the rays of the sun.  

a rare shot of an empty glass.  very hard to catch when the glass is mine.

what's on your table?


  1. Love the birthday ensemble! Great mix of prints :)

  2. Your creations are always a glorious feast for the senses, Oona dahlink!

    A matching skirt for the bombshell-a-licious top? *gasp!* Looking forward to see it.

    I pink puffy heart your skirt!

  3. I love the outfit! The skirt looks so professional and the top is bright and fun, especially the zipper! Way to shine

  4. What a good idea- turning the top portion of the dress in to bustier. Love that last photo, too.

  5. What a super-upper cute skirt, and luv the purple zipper on the top!

  6. Luv luv luv!! I MUST get on the bombshell wagon STAT-- I would so wear the sh*t out of a bustier top! Gotta finish the three (3) (THREE?!?!!?) dresses I'm currently working on and I'll be bombshellin' like crazy.

  7. giggle... Im glad you didnt listen to me thatnight!! who knows WHAT I said!!! Love killer outfit no.2!!

  8. Another bombshell top! I'll get to mine come September - fall at the latest. I do have my sights set on making my own pleated skirt sometime in the next week before I head off on vacation. But, I have a Lonsdale and an invisible zipper in a bias cut maxi dress in my way... I'll let yours be my inspiration this weekend!

  9. Ohhh pretty! I wish I could commit on a fabric for my bombshell.

  10. I love your outfit... It's so much fun. I'm in the middle of making a dress, and I was fretting that my fabric choices were a bit drab... I've decided they definitely are now I've seen your wonderfully exuberant efforts! Great job!

  11. uuu love the top! on my table there's an empty coffee mug- that's rare for me;)

  12. Once again, LOVE that red fabric! That zipper is quite fetching, can't wait to see the finished skirt! But don't be so hard on the stylist. She's blind, after all, right?:)

  13. Birthday wishes. Very styling outfit there. An empty glass? Outrageous!

  14. Happy birthday! Love your bodice, i'm quite tempted to make one for myself.

  15. Need I even say that I love this ensemble?! Nothing like a high school pickup party with mature adult taste :D

  16. Fabulous fabric for a bombshell dress! your post on this course pushed me over the edge, and now virtual Gertie is helping me to make my own version! It's not my birthday, but if some people can have a birthday WEEK I'm sure I can give myself a 'three months and 10 days untill your birthday'- gift :). Thanks for these posts, great inspiration!

  17. I still haven't got to starting on my bombshell - but you're building up my inspiration file! Thank you! Looks so great in brights.

  18. ~ trina: thanks girl!

    ~ sarah: oooh, pink puffy heart. i pink puffy heart pink puffy hearts. so high school couture.

    ~ meli: egads, thank you! and i've been thinking of ripping the skirt apart because i loathe the side seam!

    ~ liza jane: :)) my friends might have thought i was crazy to photograph our truck picnic, if they weren't used to it by now...

    ~ graca: thank you! i love to use a contrasting zip.

    ~ gingermakes: yes. you. MUST! especially as you're seeing gertie in the flesh! sew woman, SEW!

    ~ debi: :))))) and i think these colors would look fabulous hanging out with your blue pendrell :)

    ~ amy: you could make this pleated skirt in an hour. two pleated rectangles attached to a waistband!

    ~ shawnta: don't commit, just grab something and go for it! the whole time i made the muslin, i agonized in my head over what fabric to go with. and went with something that wasn't even in my "choices".

    ~ nadine: oh no! no choices are drab! (especially when there are so many wonderful accessories to be had.) i'm sure it's chic!

    ~ magda: ah, caffeine and alcohol, the liquids of life.

    ~ miss fish: don't make excuses for le chat. no preferential treatment for that one.

    ~ don: it's a scandal.

    ~ nikki: thanks girl! please DO. i would love to see yours!

    ~ threadsquare: it was so classy. i have the feeling you would have loved it!

    ~ rosesred: oh i'm so glad! hell, i know peeps that have a birthday month, why done a birthday quarter?

    ~ lexi: i'm on pins and needles for yours...

  19. So I'm thinking you need to post a tutorial on how to rock colors and patterns. Somedays I am feeling too matchy-matchy and I am like "JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ. I need to Oonafy this. But HOW?!?!"

  20. ~ meg: HA! just pick the to things that DON'T go together!!! i wonder how i make my decisions, actually. intriguing. i shall ponder this...

  21. this bodice is lovely and it goes so well with this little skirt. Very cute and sweet:)


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