oh little machine needle

where did you come from?

did i place you carefully to the side while i switched between jersey points and universals?  are you a topstitching needle?  a stretch, perhaps?  you have a 12 on your side... you could be anything.

maybe you're just plain old dull after hours upon hours of use, and i put you aside for certain death in the Waste Basket.

no, don't tremble, little needle.  i think i'll use you anyway.


  1. Machine Needle - A poem by Oona.

  2. Too funny and cute! I've been having a particulary rough couple of weeks and this made me smile :) Especially since I run into this same problem with needles I change out!

  3. How about the broken machine needle bits that I keep on the magnetic pin keeper? Now those will never be useful but there they reside.

  4. I have that problem all the time. Old needle or new needle of the wrong size for the time? Why did I put it aside?

  5. Ooh, I'm coveting those tea/coffee cups.

  6. I bought a little green pipe cleaner type thingy to put in a needle case when you remove a needle, and a little thing to mount that needle case in next to your machine so you know where the needle you take out of your machine came from, and you can replace it in its rightful spot.

    I used it once.

  7. Oh Oona - you touched my heart! It's pretty thin no? 12 is 80, light fabrics...

  8. I keep a fine point sharpie near the machine and label all new needles (when first used) with the date and needle type (the flat part at the back of the body is perfect for this).

  9. I *ahem* have a little pile of unmarked needles sitting in a dish above my sewing machine.

    I know... I should be better! lol.

  10. ~ ladykatza: i considered doing a haiku, but then thought i'd be swiping from the selfish seamstress. where is she, anyway?

    ~ amanda: i am so happy to have made you smile! got get you a DRINK!!!

    ~ shawnta: for reals. what the hell are we gonna do with those? ooh. actually. resin jewelry... a la lizajane.... hmmm...

    ~ sewcountrychick:
    ~ amy:
    aren't they great? mama ruggy sent me home with them :)

    ~ mjb: it's becoming an issue over here!

    ~ sigrid: what an extremely OCD little tool... I MUST HAVE IT!!

    ~ magda: :)! who can tell!

    ~ tj: that is an EXCELLENT idea. especially the date part. i may just do that.

    ~ casey: or, i may just continue on as you do (see tj's perfect student recipe.)

  11. ladykatza: i KNOW, right?!!! without a hint of explanation she's back in jungle print!!! I HAZ SUPERPOWERS!!

  12. Damn things should be colour coded. (like drinks)


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