dorkoona and the goddess isis

dear calgary airport,

you are a hot friggin mess.

love, oona.

after a whole lotta back and forth and crazy work scheduling on my end, the lovely and fascinating tanit-isis and i had a wee 45 minutes in calgary's airport on the day i flew home.  i don't have to tell you how paltry that amount of time was.  she found me at the air canada kiosk, ferociously punching buttons on the touch screen and shoving passports into the scanner.  after repeating "i can't believe you're standing in front of me" enough to sound like rainman, i calmed down, we left ruggy in the customs line, and grabbed some tim hortons tea (the coffee is rumored to have MSG in it.  fascinating).  we fired off questions at each other in a race against time, lamenting the fabric depot just minutes away.  

in rare meetings of international sewing minds like this, priority one is le ensemble.  what did miss isis wear?

sha-BLAOW. you would not believe the absolute perfection of stitching going on here. um, do you see those fabulous tights? and i didn't even get a shot of the coat of dreams!  you guys, that coat is ridonkulous. it lay casually draped over the chair, softly gleaming, my hands twitching, evil oona on my shoulder scheming how to get it into the suitcase.  mais, isis is wise. she brought gifts to distract me.  only, like, the most insane print i've ever seen. and, surely due to her goddess powers of psychic precognition, something for ruggy as well.  

good thing.  when we were done with our tea, we strolled over to the customs line to find ruggy searching for us in a panic.  apparently there were big goings on in calgary that day.  the line that looked about 15 feet long turned into a snaking disneyland horror once you rounded the bend.  he had spent 45 minutes in it, only to be told he couldn't go through customs without wifey. actually, it worked out GREAT for me.  he did all the waiting and raced us through to the front, blocking TSA agents left and right like hines ward.  thanks babe!  you rock!  hope your blood pressure's chilled!

god was i a princess that day. ruggy did all the work and i got all the goodies.  and what did i have to give? NOTHING.  i didn't even have something oonamade to wear!  that's a target top up there.  avec bad bra.  total fail. however, it's probably for the best that i didn't know about our proximity till we were already on canadian soil sans outfit.  my sewing skills pale in comparison, and as i don't like to pale in anything, it would have come to UFC blows in the departures lounge.  judging from tanit's all around awesomeness, i think it would have been a really good fight.  i probably would have worn my bombshell dress.  come to think of it, that number might've helped us get through customs quicker.  but, i'd be all bloody and bruised from the kicking and punching.  six of one, half dozen of the other.

did that happen?  did i really meet tanit-isis wearing a pajama top and american eagle jeans?  isis, use your psychic powers to get you to the new york meetup!  we will get many pictures in many outfits!  i promise not to resort to jealousy induced violence! 


  1. Extreme LIKE! Beautiful dress, Tanit-Isis! Oona, if it makes you feel any better, my two favorite store-bought dresses right now are Target-o-rama. Is that sacrilegious to admit?

  2. A.Mazing dress. Airfare to Canada? Who cares. Meeting a sewing blogger for tea at the airport Tim Horton's? Priceless.

  3. You two are the best!! I love your photographs, your writings, all your posts, and TODAY's post!!

  4. Oona TOTALLY got better pictures than me. WAY! Yay! I look elegant instead of spaztastic. I felt pretty spaztastic.

    Oona, don't you know that the only appropriate way for seamstresses to duel is via fashion show? Or, possibly, photo-shoot? (And we all know your photo-shoot powers vastly exceed mine)

    I shall now devote my considerable (?) divine powers to accumulating NYC-visiting funds... wish me luck :P

    word verification: wings

    Even the internet is trying to tell me something... >_<

  5. Oh, and the dress has a NYC connection, too---I won the pattern from one of Peter's Male Pattern Boldness giveaways back in the spring :)

  6. Timmy Ho's has MSG PLUS nicotine!!! sweerdagaaahd!!!

  7. The dress and tights are total awesomeness! Sounds like you spent an amazing 45 minutes!

  8. ~~ ladies, it was awesome o rama. even the timmy ho's tasted like nectar of the sewing gods. (maybe it was the nicotine, helen?)

    ~~ daughterfish: from you? YES.

    ~~ tanit-isis: oh my god. i told you you have divine powers. now you're controlling word verification.

  9. So glad that you got to meet each other in the flesh! All this internet blogging leaves some of your fans wondering if our favorite writers actually exist, or if you are just the "sweet invention of a lover's dream" (from Cinderella, the musical). Y'all are just too cute together.

  10. Tanit-isis--you MUST come to NYC!!!

    Both of you rock for scheduling a meet-up in an airport!!


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