the ICE is gonna BREAK (no actually, it does)

welcome, my friends. welcome to the columbia icefields.

hop on board this monster (top speed 12 kph)

and keep your eyes skyward as you climb the second steepest incline on a dirt road in the world.  it felt like we were ramping up on a rollercoaster.  a rollercoaster covered in ice.

 some peeps used their feet, cautiously navigating the crevasses.  

we used our brains.  ruggy brought several water bottles (we had relieved them of their contents earlier in the week) and was happy to brave the frigid temperatures.   he came away victorious, and quite red handed.  the glacial water is DELICIOUS.  we're making coffee with it. 

this guy was the first of the behemoths to roll up the glacier.  i like the looks of him.

he watches over the melting peaks now, the glacial winds (below 76 F) and hot days stripping them both.

i would like to make a fabric of this landscape and walk around in it forever.


  1. Spoonflower? Or is there a "Rockies" Oona does it in the works?

    I've seen the big monster trucks but never actually gone up on the glacier... we probably should before we move back to the flatlands and forget mountains exist. We did go up the Gondola, which is pretty cool although awfully expensive.

    Glad you're finding some time for fun! :)

  2. Oh my god, that looks terrifying. (I don't like heights.) But beautiful.

  3. That is Insane! Can't wait to see the dress it inspires.

  4. Great pictures of your adventure! The Canadian Rockies are amazing.

  5. Mountains and snow! You lucky girl! I wish I had me some snow right now, tomorrow it will be 81 degrees. Will fall ever come?

  6. You awesome lady! Smack in the middle of the icefields and you look like you've stepped out of a Vogue photoshoot!

    What a fantabulous trip!! Glacial water is pretty spectacular, no?

    So nice to see you posting - I am suffering from Lackofoona :)

  7. Geez, rub it in! We hit 106' today, though the cold front coming in should take us to the low 90's.

    That is amazing landscape. It is truly awe-inspiring.

  8. Wow, you are FAR AWAY! What an incredible place!

    In NYC news, I'm sweaty. Jealous?

  9. Wow, this place looks awesome! Enjoy!

  10. Happy vacation! I am simultaneously thrilled for you and insanely jealous!

  11. That looks totally awesome! I've only been to Swiss glaciers (in winter, on skiing vacation, so it looks way less impressive...). Happy vacation!

  12. Beautiful. Looks like you are having a good time, cna't wait to see what it inspires you to sew.

  13. I'm glad to see the glacier is still there. When I went, many moons ago, it seemed to be melting so fast. Hope you're both getting good work done, and can't wait to see what kind of awesomeness you will bring back to show us!

  14. thanks everyone!!!

    ~ tanit-isis &
    ~ sigrid &
    ~ wildflower:
    DEFINITELY. this place is too inspiring!

    ~ sarah: i was pretty chuffed about that shot! i used veronica darling's "force the flash" trick and suddenly my teeth were movie star white :) i love lackofoona. i kind of want an oona dictionary of terms peeps have come up with.

    ~ gingermakes: sorry sweaty. i'll be soaked in deodorant with you soon...

    ~ daughter fish: they said it'll be gone in about 80 years. crazy. but they said it like it was a normal thing.....

  15. Wow how lovely!!!
    I'm getting a little nauseous though just looking at how high that is and the thought of going up a very steep dirt road--yikes, my legs are shaking--very scary--Oona, you and Ruggy are two very brave souls!

  16. Speechless. Luckily, my little fingers still know how to type, and what they want to type is "iwanttogotothere...now"

  17. Heheheh I loked at pic five and thought, cool, they were able to chill their wine in the glacier runoff!

    Seriously beautiful pics girl. and soooooo scary.

  18. these photos are so amazing, I want to go too!


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