a wee tease

i stopped by the ridiculously awesome paron fabrics today to alert the good people there: we will be taking them by storm this friday.  they're the first stop on the garment district hit list, and the only stop i shall tease you with here.  if you've never been, and you can't join us, find a way to GO.  it's mood, condensed like the sweetest of milks, a quarter of the size and a quarter of the price.  the hallway annex is an absolute steal.   the top two fabrics are both rayon (viscose and sateen).  is rayon a valued fiber?  i don't know, usually the stuff i get is mystery meat (and oh yes, there will be some of that action going on friday as well) so i don't think too much about content. i'm probably the only customer there who heads towards the man made and polys.  you should see the designer silks, oh my god. 

but the stuff underneath?  oh, the stuff underneath.  i know this stuff is precious.


when i walked in the joint, mssrs. gary and marc were poring over this fantastosity.  it's silk.  woven into this.  it has a removable backing, we assumed to help keep its shape?  the two yard cuts had just arrived today and i grabbed one... at a considerable discount... which i have no doubt the lovely gents at paron will extend to us all...

oh what shall i do.  maybe ichicogirl's free shrug pattern, finally?  i just can't stop touching it.  i don't even care that it's not technicolor!  

speaking of which.  you may have noticed the yardage of black lurking underneath that brilliant chartreuse and creme fraiche mix.  for the first time ever, i've been asked to be part of a bridal party (in real life, girls did not consider me friend material until just recently.)  in this party, we are to wear... black.  hey.  what can you do. what the bride n groom want, the bride n groom get.  this is the one area i'm all in, and unlike my last attempt in black, this one will HAVE to see the light of day. now: anybody got a pattern that will make me feel like i'm not wearing black?  yet appropo for standing up at the ceremony?

(ps: would you like to join hosts debi, meg and mena at friday's festivities?  would you like to eat and very likely drink the day away?  be sure to send me your email and i'll send you the details!)


  1. Aaargh, you taunt me! People get to spend ALL DAY with Oona, and I can't! /sniffle.

    As for the black, what about something with lots of texture---pleats, gathers, lots and lots of seams, what have you. I'd suggest lace or beadwork (when I was a bridesmaid in black a few years back I wore a halter top completely covered in a bead crochet) but the time for that has probably passed seeing as you have the fabric already.

  2. Beautiful fabrics, I love that yellow and white print. I'm kind of scared to work with rayon though. What do you have in mind for it? Can't wait to find out, it is stunning. I'm a wee bit jealous about Friday, a day of fabric shopping with like minded people sounds wonderful. Have fun!


    must. have. fabric.

    word verification: "hwhee". If I had that fabric I'd say "hwhee" all day.

  4. Ooh, the gold and white is FAB! I love Paron! It's my favorite!

  5. Oooh, I think you should make one of those Japanese patterns with the cool details and lots of top stitching (that doesn't have to be black, does it?).

  6. How I wish I lived in NY... love Paron fabrics.
    About the black dress, I don't like wearing it too much as well, but when I do I try to combine it with lace, it gives nice softness

  7. I so wish I could make it! But probably a bit short notice to take time off work and fly over the ocean. Would definitely do it with some advance planning and notice.
    Have lots of fun! Can't wait to read all about it and see some photos!

  8. How have I skipped Paron? You might just talk me into the fabric shopping portion of the day! If you must go with black for the wedding (which I do think is a lovely choice), perhaps you could add some texture to the fabric? Do you have Colette Wolff's "The Art of Manipulating Fabric"? She's got some fantastic ways to gather, smock, flounce, press, and pretty much transform any flat piece of fabric. I bet you could do some wild stuff. I can bring the book on Friday, if you want....

  9. I think I'm coming down with something, and the only specialist who can cure me is in the garment district. Though if I were able to come, that chartreuse better be under lock & key.

  10. I knew you'd hook us up! YEEHAW! I am so excited! Watch out Paron's!!! Someone is already at weight capacity with her suitcase :)

  11. Paron Fabrics, I now have a new fabric store to check out when I'm next in NYC! Hope you gals have fun on Friday (wait, of course you will!). Looking forward to photos :)

  12. Wow, that knitted fabric is amazing. With the black, perhaps something very streamlined but unexpected details like silk lapels tux-style?

  13. @ tanit: I KNOW! we need that teleportation device again. you'd love NY this time... i love the texture idea; and i almost bought some lace for an overlay but held myself back. i might just add it after...

    @ graca: uh oh. should i be scared of rayon? i have no idea!

    @ beangirl: i think WC does some sort of mind meld with you. did you see my pop's response to your last WC comment? some super secret spy work going on in google, dude.

    @ gingermakes: it's the BEST! they are so pysched for us to come.

    @ saro: there's a lot of votes for this vein, i think i need to do it. morphed with the 50s!

    @ libbys: exactly what i wanted when shopping... but i sadly left the lace alone...

    @ suzy: argh, that would have been so cool!!! next time, more notice. like 3 months.

    @ daughterfish: oh my god i thought you knew about paron! how did i miss taking you there on macaroon day? oh the wonders you will miss if you don't come. i'm telling you, YOU WILL LIVE TO REGRET IT. years of therapy. seven years bad luck. what else can i say to get you to come... (and major yes to le book)

    @ threadsquare: girl, if you showed up, i'd straight out give you that fabric.

    @ debi: luckily the streets are filled with luggage stores!

    @ amanda: you just let me know when you're going. third time's the charm!

    @ amy: i love that lapel idea. i think i get so bored by black, i only get boring ideas.


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