i, oonaballoona, having not sewn for 19 days, do solemnly swear to make a finished garment from this fabric today.

(this is not like my S3 pledge where i packed a suitcase for the first two weeks of september with one handmade top.)


  1. Just wanted to say Hi. I recently started reading your blog and I really enjoy it. Now, I know you are awesome because you love BSG. I look forward to reading more of your post.
    Where do you get your printed fabric, they are amazing?

  2. oi, 19 days... Are you showing signs of deprivation yet? I always get antsy and twitchy after not sewing for two weeks..

  3. ~ hiya trice! nice to see you here... your comment on BSG makes me wanna watch the whole shebang for a 3rd time. oh, BSG. how i love you. most of my prints are from chic fabrics in NY's garment district, also form paron's.

    ~ rosesred: you would't believe how hard it was to get started again, it was like i'd forgotten how to sew!


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