mr blue sky

sewing, here?  no.  but holy SHIT would that be awesome.  i pulled a mena and got a few oona does it!s in before our trip.  

(can i tell you how happy it makes me to type that exclamation point in every time?  i never thought i would be the type to consistently insert the existing punctuation in a title, but there it is. ) 

this one almost didn't happen, but the guy who inspired this challenge doesn't take no for an answer.  after cutting out the burdastyle pattern in my usual size, i realized this is one of the rare EXTREMELY slim fit jammies of their pre-magazine-marries-website collection.  there was no hope at the waist and hips.  so, i added a long rectangle, isosceles to be exact, between each side seam, tapering to nothing at the bodice (my itty bitties having escaped the slim fit unscathed). 

but now, my other guy is calling me to breakfast before a long day of work.  catch the rest of the dress & story over at the sew weekly, and godsakes, sew something for me today!  with a little liquid refreshment, mais oui.  it's 12 o'clock somewhere.


  1. Fab dress, Oona!! Lurve it!

  2. Isosceles!!!1!1!!


    This from the gal who once referred to mathematics as, "That crazy stuff"?

    Even taking into consideration your already quite remarkable accomplishments, I am suitably impressed!

    I therefore do henceforth dub thee --


  3. Love it, my dear!! You've got a hand with color and patterns that I envy :) I hope you are having an amazing trip!! (PS we hang out in TWO WEEKS. FROM TODAY. Try to contain your excitement :) )

  4. WOW what a glorious scene!! i can just imagine all that fresh air!! ha ha i'm breathing deep just thinking about it! You look so happy and rejuvenated and all that blue sky makes me happy!! Cheers!

  5. thanks sarah, meg & melissa! deep breaths were truly in abundance... and much screaming will be in abundance in UNDER two weeks!!

    big daddy, i'm afraid to look at that link. is it gonna hurt my brain?
    oh! it's ella! YAAAAAY!


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