because i said scout's honor:

i would like to provide evidence that i did indeed sew this weekend. though not until the very last minutes of sunlight of said weekend. i spent most of it at, god, yahweh and yoda save me, THE MALL. nothing was fully accomplished, and now it is time to have a little wine and nachos. (i'm not sure where i got this attachment to the honor of a scout needing to be upheld. i was a brownie for about ten minutes when i was a little girl ((the precursor to a girl scout on the east coast)). i think my mom & i were supposed to bring cookies to the first meeting, and we brought brownies instead-- you know, in honor of brownies. as i recall that was all the Powers That Be needed to oust us from the group. but on the other hand, i do remember being part of a weekend girls' camping trip, which had to be well into a scout's career, no? i cried about being away from home, i cried about our troop leader losing our way in the woods, i cried about peeing in the dirt, i cried about the tarantulas my fellow brownies promised me were clinging to every treetop...) (clarification, mom?)


  1. Brownies are Girl Scouts. I was also something like a 10 min Brownie. For some reason my mom thought it was better for me to be an independent until I was old enough to be a Junior.

    Pretty fabric, can't wait to see what you're sewing.

  2. Hi! I found you via Moo's blog, and you're hilarious! Love all your dresses!

  3. I never was a scout. It had something to do with my family's general feeling that there was somehthing wrong with the scouts in our hometown. I can't tell what it was, but I have to say the feeling remained. It's nothing concrete, just the atmosphere is not quite what we were looking for... so no scouts in my family.
    BTW, the scouts are both girls and boys together here (although it used not to be so), and the youngest, if I remember right, are "Vlčata" - Wolflings/Wolf Cubs. I always considered it cool, and now I consider it even cooler, knowing it's brownies in the US. :D

  4. Did we not bring cookies??? I can't remember but it did seem like your brownie days didn't last more than a NY second!
    We actually let you go on a camping trip, the parents who drove you back and forth to school every day? Oona led a very sheltered life :-)

  5. thank you veronica! hana, wolves are WAY cooler than brownies. though brownies are probably more tasty, unless you are indeed a wolf, in which case a brownie is... um, actually more tasty as well.

    I KNOW! the whole five blocks...

    akazukin, i hope to show you the finished product tomorrow!


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