i imagine us, one day, as parents, yelling at our kids: "dammit, drink your vegetables!" r has made this green drink for many years now, and has never been able to coax any guest into liking it. it consists of a bag of organic greens, lemon & lime juice, tart green apples, and amaranth grain, all blasted together in our industrial strength blender. it is actually quite tasty. no, really. hana, what was your tasty green treat? sewing is promised this weekend, scout's honor!


  1. well i got to say that i'm a vegetables and fruit lover... now... thanks to my boyfriend!
    When I was little i used to hate them (doesn't everyone?), now I ask myself: How i couldn´t love them??...

  2. Karencilla: I loved apples, and bananas, and blueberries, and melon, and cucumbers, and carrots, and parsley, and tomatoes sometimes, and so on as a child. So I think I didn't hate fruits and vegetables as a child. But I hated peppers, and I still don't like them very much.

    Oona, what's "esp" from your comment on previous post?
    Anyway, the treat is, as I already mentioned, but probably not too obviously, green grapevine. It's the perfect time of the year for it. :-) And there's still a lot of it left, and I'm breakfasting on it now. Continuously... Father said it was already a second purchase, that he had eaten the first one himself. :D

    "Scout's honour"? Wow, now I know how to say "čestné skautské" in English! Thanks, Oona. ;-)

  3. you are WELCOME.

    "esp" is extra-sensory-perception, which you had on 2 fronts: i had planned on using grapes for fresh food friday #2, then switched to the green drink rob made, all of which happened while you were writing about grapes and greens across the globe :). green grapevine sounds fascinating-- i've never heard of it!

  4. Maybe I should clarify that in our family talk "something green" means simply fruits or vegetables, no matter what the colour or ecological/non-ecological origin...
    Green grapevines: http://images.google.cz/images?hl=cs&q=green+grapevine&gbv=2
    I've barely finished the original bunch and father bought another one. It's great, because I'm sick at home - that's unfortunate, because I miss on school - but great because I can keep being crafty. :D I decided to sell something to fellow students via my school's information system, to earn some money for crafting supplies, postages on swapped items and all other kinds of things I need money for. Wish me luck.


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