a la peanut butta SANDwiches...

first of all: big daddy, you will be pleased to know that, occasionally, macs get sick. mine's been sick since my last post. but don't get up on your PC pedestal yet; it was completely due to user error. i'm still working out the kinks, so no fresh food friday pic, just 5 words: peanut butter and banana sandwich. i've got a shit ton of stuff to post about (by the way, i curse a lot, i've decided it's time to share that): awards! home decorating! maxi dresses! (i missed wear a dress week, for god sake. i'm not sure i'll ever get over it.) see you sunday, fingers crossed.


  1. Hi oona! good luck!! see you on sunday. Btw though I don't have a Mac, I love them more every day... They are way better!


    PS I just started a blog, come by and tell me what you think! www.minisweethearts.blogspot.com

  2. What did you do to your MAC, Oona? I'm sorry to hear one of the two MACs online is out of commission. Get it working soon. The other MAC user is getting lonely. :)

    I just finished fixing your mom's Dell desktop again -- which, BTW, just celebrated its ninth birthday. I came up with a very creative method to rescue all her data from a dying hard drive (she NEVER backs up, you know).

    Get that thing working so we can all share in your shit ton of stuff!!! AND STOP CURSING SO MUCH! I can't imagine where you learned to speak like that. ;) :D

  3. HA HA HA BIG DADDY. you PC owners are so funny. just like jerry seinfeld and bill gates. did you see those horrible commercials by the way?

    pc ceo: "mac is winning the 'cool' factor! what do we do, ad execs?"

    ad exec: "i know! let's put two fairly stiff and geeky men in stranger's homes and have the family reaaaally hate them. that'll show how cool pcs are."

    PC ceo: "DONE."

  4. Hah! I'd rather have CEO's bail out PC's than have to bail out CEO's! SO THERE, OONA.

    I'm glad to see your Mac is working again. You're back online and that means Apple has just experienced its biggest one day jump in users ever.



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