fresh food fridays: figs.

two posts in one day? seriously? i know. i'm sorta psyched about something. here at balloona headquarters, we've decided to make some changes. for one, i'm working with a personal trainer. (i KNOW!) for two, we're eating... healthy. egads. it can't be true. what of ham tartes and cheesy poofs? howsa 'bout chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches? maybe a bottle of jack daniels to wash it down? well, i'm not saying nevermore, but i am saying we're eating healthier. and as i am a snacker of the most heinous brand, i am on a mission to find fresh, healthy treats that will trick my junk food brain into thinking it's getting sweet and/or crunchy salty goodness. which in fact, it WILL be getting... just of the more raw & unadulterated brand. every friday i'll post a new snack, in my quest to stay the course and find fun and healthy stuff to eat. i hope you play along & maybe try something new-- and suggestions are greatly appreciated! first up: fresh figs. not dried, and definitely not newtons (though paul's may make the cupboard cut). and they are more sugary than christmas in candyland, no lie. pick ones that have a bit of give to them, and a nice deep color. this snacking recipe is simple: 1. slice each fig from stem to bum in half. 2. drizzle with warm honey. that easy. and if that's too much work, wash em and thow em down yer gullet like i did.


  1. Good luck on finding new snacks! I think it can be fun, really.
    I'm snacking on plums today. Plus drinking another favourite of mine(I really love tasty drinks...), it is mint tea with sugar. I admit it's not THAT healthy, or at least it doesn't seem so to me, but I love it.
    Warm milk with honey is the sweetest thing I know, and it's healthy. Plus really nice in cold winter days, but you probably don't get much of those in LA...

  2. Hi Oona, left a price for you on my blog!

  3. Here's one I like:

    Kale leaves lightly brushed with olive oil, bake at 350 until top side is crisp, then flip (about 3 minutes each side). Sprinkle with sea salt. It's a great chip replacement snack.

    The honey figs sound divine.

  4. dude i just did that last night! we've tried purple kale and green kale, and i think green is my favorite. i didn't flip them though, and bits were soggy-- do yours turn out totally crispy?

    the honeyed figs are also good with goat cheese, though i'm trying to stay away from dairy. but SO good with goat cheese.

    and that said, i can't try the warm honeyed milk, hana, but we do get some cold nights here and it sounds perfect. i guess i'll have to suffer through mint tea with sugar ;)

    thanks geri!!! i will do my prize post very soon...

  5. Another great one are baked potatoes! Cut them to slices (about 7 mm thin), salt them, put on greased baking pan and bake. Especially good with pulverized caraway seeds, if you can get it.
    Oh, help. I think I'll have to make this one tomorrow!

    Well, I can't imagine staying away from dairy... Milk in all versions is my all time favourite. ;-) Goat cheese is an awesome thing, too!

  6. Try just a little bit of oil and flip and they should turn out really crispy (oh, and really dry them off before you put them in the oven - that's made mine not as crispy before)

    Hemp milk is a great substitute.


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