i hate my blog layout! it's too dark in our tree house apartment! there's nothing to eat! i don't like my fall clothing! i missed dress-a-day week!

waaaah, waah.

well, geri at sewable gave me this fancy dancy award (right before my computer's aneurysm) because i'm "overly entertaining"... when i'm not WHINING... i'm not sure where it originated, but the babelfish translation is "prize to the personal effort". (r has always called presents and awards prizes: for example, a birthday present is a Prize. i love that. not only do you get a gift, it's like you've won something.) thanks geri, you have given me the perfect opportunity to introduce some peeps who will probably be far more enjoyable than me right now.

1. put the prize & rules on your blog and indicate who gave it to you by identifying their blog.
2. select 6 bloggers to whom you would like to give this prize.
3. inform them by leaving a comment on their blog.
4. write 6 of your most important values and 6 negative points you condemn.

(whine alert) i don't WANNA choose 6 peeps! it's too HAaaaRD! dammit. okay. to make it easier on my whiny ass, i put my blogroll in a hat, left out anyone i've prized before & anyone who ain't peeped in awhile, and picked six.

flighty girl: yahoo pick! just had a baby (that makes three) and STILL blogging more than me...
secret cave of the sugar mama: how fortuitous... also has a house full (three), and cracks me up daily.
nikki shell: oooh, yay, i love her! and another house full. (three, i believe--seems to be the magic number for this hat)
elsie marley: just. so. pleasing.
cutting edges stitches & seams: yeah, mirela is the definition of personal effort.
weekend designer: okay, i think he may actually be a robot. a sewing robot.

if you happen to see this post here's your prize... i'm not informing anyone because god knows i just spent 40 minutes devising the whole hat plan.

i value:
honesty. kindness. respect. r. the ability to listen. a good bottle of blanton's.

i de-value:
lying. schmoozing. pretentiousness. the ability to ignore others. box wine.

oh, and speaking of wine, WHINING.


  1. Congrats for the prize oona!

    THanks so much for the sweet comment you left at my post! it cheered me up! =) and also thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll, i really feel flattered!

  2. I LOVE your blog layout! I hate MY blog layout!

  3. I guess hating one's own blog layout is a usual thing. Not that I'd really hate mine, but I don't like it very much either. And I love yours.
    Dark tree apartment? Huh, we have the same. And not many windows in addition. You should see our house to see what a dark house is!
    Therefore, with winning such an award/prize, I really think you shouldn't be whining. At least not very often.

  4. hi oonaballoona,
    personally i think your blog layout is cool & i'm really jealous that i don't have the programme to make personalised headers:(
    everyone needs a good moany blog once in a while - mine is usually on monday when i'm back at work for the week & wanting it to be friday again!!
    congrats on the prize,
    enjoy your weekend,

  5. of course karencilla :)! hana, we do have bunches of windows... i guess it's not that dark...

    emilykate, what?! where IS your blog???

    lyndi-- all you need is the right size picture, you can do it with blogger tools. lemme know if you want me to show you!

    my exclamation points are back, guess i'm feeling better...

  6. What's your snack today, by the way? I'm going to snack on a huge pile of grapes... I was going home fom school and sent my father a text message to prepare something tasty and green for me (he often goes shopping on his journey home from the station), and he bought such awesomeness. :-)

  7. it's just what i do, darling...thx for the shout-out.

  8. oh god...I'm too embarrassed to show people yet! It's shocking, just the generic horrible layout cos I don't know how to make it pretty and it has no posts! It's basically just a blogroll at this stage so I can keep track of all my favourite bloggers and website peeps! But every time I look at I'm like oh god I SUCK! Plus I have no idea why I chose wordpress... all the cool blogs seem to be on blogspot!
    YOUR blog ROCKS.

  9. teehee weekend designer came by! i am blushing!

    oh come on emilykate, don't hold out. plus it's so easy to move all your info over to blogger. and i'll give you html tricks:)

    hana, you must have esp...

  10. Holy Moley! Thanks for the prize ;)


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