just a quick note....

flighty girl is having a sweeeeet apron giveaway for her 500th post... stop by & try to win! (chicken little has nothing to do with it. but our friends from NY are coming to visit this weekend!!! chicken little doesn't have much to do with them, either. but i hate posts without pictures. and it's a NY picture. so there you have it.)


  1. Oh shoot, and here I thought you were in NY and didn't tell us!
    Have lots of fun with your friends Oona, love that chicken little!!!

  2. I'd love a little chicken. Hot, spicy barbecue with a nice crisp white wine. Do we have a bottle of that Bogle Sauvignon Blanc downstairs?

    Have fun with your NYC friends, Oona. Be sure to show them all of LA's must see attractions (both of them).


  3. i wish, and HA! that's a lotta chicken.

    we are actually taking them to LA's 2 attractions, how very keen of you, big daddy: hollywood bowl, and point break live. they pick an audience member to play keanu nightly...


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