din da da dum do do

we were grown ups again yesterday and went back to moma with our fancy membership.

georges ribemont dessaignes, silence, 1915

apparently georges was not at all the silent type. according to moma's blurb, parisians at dada gatherings could look forward to him threatening to "rip out your spoiled teeth, your pummeled ears, your tongue full of sores."  webster's defines dadaism as "a movement in art and literature based on deliberate irrationality and negation of traditional artistic values."  and very anti-bourgeois. 

okay.  i thought it was a cool painting about a trumpet.  i like trumpets.

marcel duchamp, network of stoppages, 1914

the moma blurb had nothing to say about my man marcel, but this is a very cool site if you like what you see.  in fact please do go see.  he's awesome.  apparently this was dada too.  i thought this painting was gorgeous, and i'm surprised that this was the deliberate opposite of conventional beauty then.

they had an interactive microsoft paint program in the education center. we are appleheads in kalkatroona, but was was very fucking cool.  we took The Child there and she loved it. 

i try not to curse around The Child.

ruggy tubble, the storm before the calm, 2011
(subtitled: i love my wife very much)

it is subtitled thusly because ruggy has been quite dada today and is out buying me a bottle of wine to prove the subtitle.


  1. I want to live near Moma. Sigh.

    Have you seen Exit Through the Gift Shop? It will make you think about contemporary art in a whole different light.

  2. Szegedin? :D That's a meal! At least here in the Czech Republic, written in the Czech way. I believe this Hungarian way it can mean anything from Szeged, not just the meal. Still...

    Oh, and you'll understand a bit more if you look at the conventional beauty of the time. Something like Mucha. I guess I'm glad there was both Mucha and this at that time, although if I lived at that time, I guess I'd preferred Mucha, because I wouldn't like my teeth pulled out. ;-)

  3. >> lizajane: it's actually on our netflix queue! brother beast was on the fence about it so i've been stalling. i love the cover though so i think it's time to try it...

    >> hana: you know, i thought it might be czech, and i thought it would be more fun to have you see it & explain it!!!

    mucha: like maxfield parish, who i used have all up on my walls. wish i had known about mucha, i tried to draw like parish for awhile and would've loved to try and copy some of mucha's faces.

  4. The meal - dish - a goulash with sauerkraut/cabbage, as far as I understand it, is called "segedín" in Czech, which is pronounced basically the same way as szegedin in Hungarian. But, as I said, in Hungarian it's not just the dish.

    Yes, Maxfield Parish seems like a similar school. Less decorative than Mucha, though... more like pre-Rafaelites? I guess...
    And, haha, I used to copy Mucha's faces at one point. And tried to draw from photos (Whirlpool ads - do you know the kind?) in his style. It didn't last for long, but it was quite useful. I guess I should try again.

  5. Fuck! Thats painting computer is awesome.

  6. >> hana: i'd love to see your renditions. whirlpool ads? never knew it!

    >> don: it was seriously awesome. i have the feeling you would LOVE it. we were so fascinated, we had to set a timer to give the kiddies a chance.

  7. I'm afraid only one of those drawings survived. But the ad resurfaced, too (somehow I cut it out of the magazine it was in and saved it!), so I can actually show you both. :D


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