hold the phone

beangirl finally sewed something adult sized.

oh my!

no, you don't say!

i still have better shoes.

skirt: marie from burdastyle
tank: zara
earrings: momma-in-law's
belt: daffy's
shoes: steve madden
crappy photos: tribute to beangirl. godsakes woman, go read patty's post on taking a good photo. NOW.


  1. LMAO! You're asking for it. You know that, right? ;)

    (ducks to watch the fireworks)

  2. lol! Love it!

    You do have awesome shoes.

  3. @Tanit-Isis:

    Oh puhleeze, like I'm going to lower myself to the standards of someone like Oona who utterly refuses to acknowlege the Utter and Complete Tragedy of My Great and Terrible Shoe Loss, which as we all know means I HAVE NO GOOD SHOES. -sob-

    Well I mean, I have SOME good shoes. Just not as many as I would like (you should see the kickass pair of Poetic License floral basketball shoes that I just got... seriously, these shoes Kick. Ass.)

    Speaking of which, if I were TALKING to a certain obnoxious Kalkatroonan, I would maybe point out that I DID use the patented "superhero" pose, plus the "hip bump" pose AND the "coy bent knee feet tilted" pose. The fact is, I'm just not very photogenic. She's sort of mean to keep pointing it out, right?

    (Ha see you expected fireworks and I so totally brought the Passive-Agressive Guilt Trip instead. I ROCK.)

    Also, those are nice shoes. I'm sure I can do better though.

    SHOE-OFF! Bring it!

  4. you've got better shoes than me too!;) and my size is hardly "adult":))

  5. This reminds me of how long it's been since a new pair of shoes came into this house. I'm told I have too many. TOO many!Does not compute.

    Yours, however, are loverly!

  6. I want those shoes. Curse my freak show feet (and my slightly shorter husband who would be all the more dwarfed by my wearing such heels. I shouldn't curse him, he'd be the one driving me to hospital following the injuries I would receive were I to attempt to walk in said heels). Out of curiosity, how did you go with the Marie pattern? I had to pull it apart and remake it a size smaller three times. By the third attempt, husband was wearing headphones to drown out my cursing.

  7. Aaaaaw, I want your Marieeeeeeeee! I love it in that fabric! Is it wool?

  8. >> tanit-isis: well. that was more like a pfft of a dollar store sparkler, no?

    >> beangirl: as stated above, thoroughly disappointed in you. so you bore a couple of kids and now your feets are too big. WHATEVS.

    let's see those fancy basketball shoes. and use the focus button on your camera so we can see your purty face. non-photogenic, my ass.


    >> meg, magpie, magda & meg: i just like saying your names together. :)

    >> amanda: heels are overrated. in fact, i only wear them for the blog. HAH! the marie made up so quickly i was shocked, but then fell victim to the cursed burdastyle sizing and had to whack several inches off the side seams. damned if i pick the right size, damned if i don't (see leopard dress).

    >> emilykate: it's linen! but wool would've been a way better choice. it doesn't hold its shape so well, and i managed to stretch it in all the wrong places with a steam iron. linen doesn't like steam, did you know that?

  9. he he he, love your shoes, and your skirt!

  10. Honestly? You guys are adorable... :)

  11. Love the skirt and I'm a shoe freak! Darling! That skirt pattern has been on my list for some time. So cute! Looks positively fabulous!


  12. thanks ladies!

    i'm working on my next pair of shoe-offs. i'm so winning this battle.


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