sew weekly sunday: how nice of you to drop by

oh, hello darling, are the ladies from sew weekly here yet?

i was just having a little cocktail and light reading after sewing up this frock. it's tiring work, you know.

what's that, dear? you need help with the hors d'oeuvres? you must be mistaken, i don't cook.

this? no lamb, this isn't an apron. it's an accessory.

i can see where you might be confused.

have a peek at the back. see? no apron strings. vintage brooch. brooch versus bow. accessory. not to be sullied by cooking. that's quite alright, love. i'll remove it to avoid any further faux pas. i'm sorry, i didn't quite catch that sweetheart, what did you say?

i'm supposed to wear BLACK?

black is for funerals. and it doesn't go with the exposed zipper. i decline. but i will have another cocktail.

we''ll just have to mix those martinis strong, darling. they won't notice a thing.

fabric: leopard and gold silky-ish stuff, both gifted
patterns: burda 2/2011/101, $5.40, and petal vintage apron, free! hmm, free... as, compared to the many fab free BSwebsite patterns, this particular "pattern" should have been. 
year: 2011 & 1959
notions: exposed zipper, $2, and a box of black dye, unused. i don't own a single black dress. i thought, well, after this challenge, at least i'll have one. maybe i can wear it to a conservative dinner. or a funeral. then decided i didn't want to be going to any funerals any time soon.
time to complete: 5 hours
first worn: a hot minute ago.
wear again?: possibly... but the apron is destined for the seam ripper. more drinking. less cooking.
total cost: $7.40


  1. Your pictures are awesome. I would love to be a fly on the wall during one of your photo shoots. I'm in love with your dress, too.

  2. Did you find the dress pattern annoying? It looks awesome on you!

    YAYZ! So happy you're as motivated by Sew Weekly as I am! LOVE IT!

  3. Oh Oona! This is terribly terrific! I ADORE the leopard print dress on you and an exposed zipper? Sigh... that really looks awesome! Lovely job and great apron too! I too hate to cook. Loathe it entirely. Would rather starve! Drinking my dinner is definitely more my style! Love the new take on black too! You go girl!


  4. Oh the zipper! And yellow! I have been craving for yellow things (shoes, fabrics, cardis, shoes, accessories, and shoes) but they are nowhere to be found!
    Thanks for that little moment of craziness! Makes the day even sunnier!

  5. This post is just made of WIN from beginning to end. DON'T seamripper the apron it is too fabulous. Its perfect for not-cooking.
    Now I promise I will answer my IAAT prize questions soon, but can you believe, I am STILL not finished with George Cadbury, now have to do an ESSAY on him. ARGH!

  6. Beautiful! Never thought leopard print could be so classy. The exposed zipper is such a nice touch.

  7. That is so cute. I'm with Sanne! I always shy away from animal print but I think I may have to try it out after seeing how awesome this looks!

  8. you're so expressive! that's one of my favourite posts ever wherever!

    the Accessory is hehe mind-stirring being so brilliant! I'd say might be brocade! so you don't cook, really? that explains why you're making so many more awesome dresses than me!

  9. That photo story is made of WIN! :)

  10. Epic photo story! I found it highly entertaining :)

  11. I think this is my favorite post of yours! You know I have a weakness for your storytelling abilities, this is so cute and DAMN THAT DRESS IS AWESOME!

    Now that I'm done geeking out all over your blog.. ^_~

  12. Hey Oona, I just passed on the "Liebster Blog Award" to you. If you aren't interested in participating, that's just fine. If you are, come to my website, take the little button over to your blog and nominate some other small blogs. Always fun reading you!

  13. hahahaha

    funniest photo post ever. Your captions are spot-on with your facial expressions. How glamorous you are!

  14. Love the dress...and the dialogue in your post, as always. :)

  15. ☛☛☛ thank you, dahlings, you are all invited for a gin & tonic!

    ☛ lizajane: it involves a lot of teetering in heels from chair to camera. i laugh at myself frequently like a small child. you would feel right at home (with the laughter part, maybe not the five inch heels).

    ☛ veronica: YES, that pattern was horribly (and only half) made!

    ☛ sunni,
    ☛ novita &
    ☛ laurwyn: thank you! i'm so honored you three sewing goddesses like it :)

    ☛ emilykate: the only answer is more chocolate. how else can one research cadbury? i suggest the impending easter eggs, with a little bourbon.

    ☛ sanne &
    ☛ stevie: i'm amazed you find it classy, i thought i must just be a little tipsy. vindication! i'm so glad i didn't dye it.

    ☛ magdamagda: my secret is OUT. although i AM cooking tonight, dammit. i'll be eyeing the pants on my sewing desk the whole time.

    ☛ miss claire (!)
    ☛ alessa &
    ☛ lisette: i am blushing. :)

    ☛ meg &
    ☛ katja: thank you for the respective blog geek outs and award! i likes prizes.

    ☛ lorena: glamorous, you say? i'll make your cocktail a double.

    ☛ ashley: thank you m'lady!

  16. i.love.this.post. Period. You are too adorable.

  17. I'm going to suit up in my black and white dalmation print straight skirt, march over to your place and join you for cocktails, leaving a big red lipstick mark on the glass OK? Cruella DeVille styled cackling may follow...

  18. Oona, this is the best sewing blog in the world.

  19. >> trina: many thanks yous, and a spiked shirley temple is ready.

    >> big in japan: i'll be expecting you, with my gameface on. i believe something in a highball glass should suit?

    >> kelly: you, my love, may have the ENTIRE. BAR..

  20. MEOW! I love your dress!!! The print is totally FAB and flattering - the zipper adds a bit of attitude that I love. Fabulous work, as always! PS. I love your photos - they tell the best stories all on their own.

  21. Oh my goodness. I adore this! Leopard totally is the new black. :) This is the first time I've come across your blog, but I am already hooked. I love the apron, oh excuse me, "accessory" too.

  22. ● meg: as do YOUR photos!!!

    ● andrea: thanks! you know, i just realized i don't even know where that damn apron got off too. seriously, where is it?


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