i double dog dare you

stare at this for five minutes.

loopy yet?

i am.

i decided this would be the perfect print for my super secret spy top tutorial. i've been staring at it for an hour.

shoot me.


  1. Your spy is a double agent. This print is obviously a communist plot to implant our subconsciousnesses with subliminal programming. And I can't... Look... Away....

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  3. LOL I just wrote 'yes.... master....' and then I realized that your last sentence said "shoot me". I don't want to shoot you.


  4. Okay. Everyone remain calm and slowly back away from the fabric. The effects are said to be short-lived so you should all return to what occasionally passes for normal soon.

    In the meantime get loopier staring at these:


  5. if you're making a spy top (and I want to encourage you coz I'm so anxious to see it!) then I'll have to ask what print?! I don't remember any print!

  6. Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life....I mean, cool fabric.

    (Manchurian Candidate)

  7. ⌘ tanit-isis: YES! you have given me the name for the top! the subliminal programming worked...

    ⌘ beangirl: i woke up this morning thinking of "come together", and how john whispers "shoot me", and then, well, you know. made me think i shouldn't request that sort of thing.

    (yet, eh? oh just you wait. i have just the post for you.)

    ⌘ big daddy: that is fricking FRICKY. those patterns looked so weird i thought The Man must actually be manipulating the images on the screen.

    ⌘ magda: i should say, pattern-- my thinking was the stripes would really show which way was up/down. i'm still going to make it, i may just wear blinders.

    ⌘ don: NICE.

  8. promises promises.

    (Big Daddy is a-freakin' me out)

    (Also, I don't "do" April Fool's Day -- um, you have to imagine me saying that in a very superior tone.)


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