and the winner is....

you know what i want? a little widget that looks like a lotto machine, you know, the kind with the tennis balls and the air, i guess it would be a gif, but i could be mixing that up with peanut butter.

i tallied up the entries and threw them in the random generator:

then counted down to....  coppertop doll!!!  who said, "WANT! i liked shabby apple. and i follow you, obvi."

you guys.  check out her icon.  she's a redhead.  this is gonna be a KNOCKOUT on her.  

thank you all for playing along, i loved reading all your comments and meeting new peeps.  i hope to bring you more goodies in the future (lexi, i'll work on that plane ticket.  i already haz the tequila.)  miss coppertop, please email me your info and i'll get you in touch with the lovely dress ladies at shabby apple, who i thank for letting me be santa.   being santa is FUN.

happy monday!

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