so far...

permit me to be wistful for a moment, won't you?  i haz my suitably tranquil and reflective gaze on.

i've been enjoying debi's stroll down memory lane so much, i thought i'd look back on my oona does it! feature over at le sew weekly.  here is all the shite i've made so far.  i'm sorry, shite is not wistful enough.  creations.  

out of 21 creations, 10 have been worn in public,  6 are waiting for the right opportunity/season,  3 are on probation, and 5 have been scrapped completely (that holey black job in the fourth row being high on the THIS BLOWS SET FIRE TO THIS NOW list.  there, i've gone and lost my tranquility again.  damn black.)  

that math doesn't add up.  could be the irish coffee.

if you don't know about this feature (and you might not, i usually just post a shout out that it's up), i make something based on a challenge throw down by peeps in the blogoshpere.  some of them have included snakeskin, peacock feathers, carny rides, and 6 foot long zippers. after almost six months of ODI, i have to say my favorite part of this venture is getting a challenge from a blogger, whether it's one i know, always wanted to meet, or brand new to. while i'm hacking away on a piece i'll think about their style, their sense of humor, the town they live in, their favorite drink... it's like i'm sewing with an invisible friend.  

that sounds sad.  not in a boo hoo way, more in a "bless your heart" way.  more in a "high school loser" way.  a category i was firmly ensconced in: very VERY busy but with little to no social life.  don't get me wrong, i loved it.  i rocked the shit out of high school.  but it's nice to grow up and have friends, tangible and virtual both.  

so, on debi's thanksgiving week of sew grateful, i'd like to say thank you to to mena for thinking it up, and thank you to everyone who's challenged me so far. thanks, invisible friends.  i look forward to sewing with you today.


  1. Wow, six months already? Holy cow.

    Every time I pick up a crazy print, I think of you. If I ever actually combine prints I will have to dub it the "Oona dress".

  2. You've made some really awesome stuff! I whipped up a double agent dress this weekend and it is awesome! Will share a link once I get around to blogging it. (And I dutifully documented the alcohol required to figure out how to get my machine to play nice with knits.)

  3. Seriously inspiring. The safari trousers rock. And that green chiffon dress is really something special. (Did they make the 10?) I just keep looking at that dress and marveling at how all those layers float and fall together. You have an incredibly intuitive process; thank you for coloring our worlds!

  4. great post, oona. debi's nostalgia has really unleashed a lot of great stuff around the internets this week!

    (and every time i see fur, i wonder if it would work for an ODI muppet fur challenge!)

    with appreciation from one of your invisible friends,

  5. Oh, I second the Muppet fur challenge! Also, I'd like to see you rock your inner Marie Antoinette, Oona dahlink!

    Wow! Has it been six months already? I love that you are a part of The Sew Weekly and look forward to your posts every week. :)

  6. I've enjoyed your blog and your SW posts immensely. I also vote for a Muppet challenge. Or Marie Antoinette or Vegas Showgirl/Cirque Du Soleil performer.

  7. I just recently started following you and boy and am I happy I did.

    Thanks for these sharing with us and being awesome.

  8. I just recently started following you and boy am I happy I did.

    Thanks for these sharing with us and being awesome.

  9. Hell yeah! You've made some AWESOME creations! Every week I look forward to the Oona Does it feature! You always inspire me!! YAY!

  10. I love the quality of your photos and your unique spin on each piece you make! I would LOVE to have the striped dress in the center photo, first row. I also love the one with the oversized glasses. I wore a pair as a joke a few years ago and titled it "derrrr"*** but yours look quite sophisticado!

    ***evidence indicating that I perhaps never outgrew the "high school loser" category ;-)

  11. Aw, blogger love! You've made so many cool things I still don't know why you're not a fashion designer.
    By the way, since you wrote a whole post about how much you LOVE Project Runway patterns AND you liked my peacock dress, I challenge you to make the pattern! Simplicity 2360, ma'am.

  12. Yes, it's true, I love you and your fabulous blog a lot. I want to see your Muppet dress with that awesome blogger meet up fabric ;) I feel inspired to try more prints because of you, and I see potential in everything because you make me want to look outside the box. You are a source of brilliance, my friend, and I hope you never forget that.

  13. Love! This page is getting bookmarked for the Inspiration Board. If I ever get my mojo back I'll have to throw a challenge your way. Keep up the great work!

  14. I love seeing everything together. Your projects are always so much fun.

    And now I am expecting to see something made with muppet fur next...

  15. aw what a lovely post :-)
    i love both your blog and the oona does it feature but my brain is devoid of challenges, too busy plotting world domination, i mean creations!!!

  16. I love looking back at your fab creations-- thanks for sharing! Nearly brings a tear to me eye to think of how much fun I've had reading about your trials, tribulations, and triumphs over at "Oona Does It" and your lovely blog! Thanks so much for sharing your sew-y fun with us, girl!

  17. I loved reading this!! I think it's great that so many of us who felt less than cool while growing up (and still do in my case) have found so many friends. I wish I was better at translating some of my virtual friendships into real ones.

    That should be thing one on my to do list :o) Right after learning to take awesome pics like you and divining the secrets of your fitting mojo. My waistline will be so much happier then, lol

  18. I enjoy an "Oona does it" each time you post. Thanks for some very entertaining monologues!

    Nettie -- those of us who didn't fit in so good while growing up are the lucky ones. It means we didn't peak in middle school, or high school, or college (hopefully!). I hope each year gets better for you as it does me!

  19. Nostaaaaaalgia! I hear wistful music in the background while you stare, meaningfully, into the distance.

    Seriously though you're a productive fox.

  20. I'm always inspired visiting you online and in person. Thank YOU for being so awesome. Ruggy needs to build you an extra closet for all your creations:) Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. I love the montage. I also can't believe it's been six months. You crazy ladies and all of your sewing. You're all so inspirational. I'm glad Mena has been such a wonderful influence for you. What a great week of thanksgiving.

  22. girl, is it really six months?
    i guess the time stops for me
    while i'm away digging
    now i see that i missed
    quite a few of odi goodies
    and this green dress happens to be
    the most amazing thing you ever made
    me thinks
    or is that teal dress
    can't say for sure
    happy 6 months, lovely oona
    thank you for sharing pieces of your world with us

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  24. What a fashion line-up, and some pretty cute mug shots too. All quite a change from the headless Oonabaloona days of yore.

  25. @ tanit-isis: please make the oona dress. it's not like you're sewing for yourself lately.

    @ stephanie lynn: well, i've already screamed over at your blog, i LOVE it!!!

    @ amy: ditto to you, my chic friend. yes, both made the cut, tho green dress is waiting for a proper occasion...

    @ puu: hasn't she? nostalgia mayhem!

    @ sarah: miss antoinette? well i just love that. ON THE LIST. i'm so glad we've "met" thru sew weekly!

    @ angela: thank you! i think vegas/cirque deserves a challenge of it's own...

    @ trice: happy to share and thrilled you like it!!!

    @ debi: well right back at you three thousand fold, my faraway friend.

    @ amanda: you CAN haz it!! just look up my double agent dress tutorial!! me, i'd like to see that derrrr photo. please? one loser to another?

    @ lisette: i may put this comment up on my sewing shelf. and yes ma'am, 2360 on the list, though how i'll top yours i'm not sure....

    @ meg: i can't ditto this comment enough. see: debi. our trio must join forces again.

    @ overflowingstash: how awesome! thank you!

    @ liza jane: teehee. speaking of fun, i often wish i was in your class learning from you.

    @ aview: thank you!! but remember, world domination takes time. and you need something fancy to wear at the moment of conquer. therefore, you must sew.

    @ ginger: :))) i felt all wistful too! could be the booze.

    @ nettie: somehow the uncool ones are better adjusted, no? i'll help you with the translation, we need another meetup! all you need for fitting mojo is plenty of wine. though that does screw with the waistline.

    @ rachael: and i'm still working on your alice!

    @ reana louise: well hello kitten.

    @ daughter fish: HAPPY TURKEY DAY! i'll get ruggy on that...

    @ amy: thank you! it's been FUN.

    @ mokosha: oh poetess, you return! huzzah!!!

    @ sigrid: it's good to have a head. especially when i enjoy screwing up my face so very much.

  26. Oona you are simply amazing, seriously funny and above all an amazing and inspiring seamstress. Congrats on your fantastic year in sewing my virtual friend and like lovely Meg says, you've also inspired me to use more prints. Well done Oona xxoo


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