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i have to go to the gym.  i truly do have to go to the gym.  i haven't been to the gym in 4 weeks.  that sounds better than one month.  while my insides gurgle and scream for me to take them to the gym, i thought i'd give you a peek of this week's oona does it!, which is up over at the sew weekly.  i'm pretty proud of it.  and pretty sure i won't be able to fit back into it if i don't get myself to the gym.



  1. I hear ya! A terrifyingly easy habit to get out of. I need to rediscover the sado-masochistic pleasure of a spin class myself. Am sure you still look fabulous.

  2. lol giiiirl i haven't been to the gym in like 6 months. i pretend that cycling is just as good as exercise - even though i only do it, err once a week.


  3. The gym's overrated! Go forth and yoga :)

  4. Don't say the "g"-word around me, girl! Ugh!!!!!

  5. Find a team sport :) You don't have to remember to go to the gym. Everyone else does it for you.

  6. @ karen: it is sado, isn't it? though i go to classes mainly because i want to beat the other person.

    @ lladybird: oh my god your all caps declaration had me laughing out loud.

    @ sarah: but i can't deal with the damn earthy crunchy crap!!

    @ ginger: for shame!

    @ butterfly: i like the way you think.

  7. GORGEOUS top! Wow, I really need something like this for my work wardrobe.

    Gym - Honestly, once I started running, I gave up "gyming". For me, running is a hobby rather than a chore (like the gym always was) - I have goals and accomplishments, and it's fun to get out there with all the other runners for a race! It's an end unto itself rather than just something I do for my health or figure (those are an added bonus). So, I would encourage you to find something you love doing to be active (yoga? walking? a sport?).

  8. I loved your office outfit! This weekend I made a pair of pants in my beloved Vogue pattern that I've used like four times... and the pants didn't fit. Booooooo. To the gym I went!

  9. @ clio: i'v etotally wanted to take up running. but i swear, i go forty feet and i'm DONE. like, MAD done.

    @ kelly: thank you! isn't it a great motivator when that tried and true pattern doesn't fit.... my latest kick in the ass: the 10 PR patterns i just bought end at size 12. i am just squeaking by.

  10. No fear your smokin' bod is still rockin'! You look HAWT in your office wear.
    I need to get to the gym too, been sick for WEEKS it seems and my back is TELLING me every morning to go to yoga. BEFORE I started doing yoga it never used to tell me anything at all.... what is up with that?

  11. If you ever decide to give running another shot, this program starts with just 45 seconds of running (about 40 feet or so). It worked for me - now I'm about to run a half marathon. Oy.


    (Oh, no affiliation)


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