facial relation

when i read the cries for muppet pinup in the last post, i did many little dances, knowing the column was already saved and waiting to go live.  i will do my OCD thing shortly and respond to Each And Every Comment from the ODI wrapup, but right now i'm too proud of these pictures not to have them on my blog.  and since i am a brat i get what i want.  they're over at the sew weekly as well, avec story, but i think i'm going to start putting those installments up here too, with a different story and different pictures.  

since i am still on a sugar high from two straight days of cordon bleu cooking, coherency is going to be an issue, so please forgive the rocky start.

this is a far cry from the headless pictures i'd post when i first started le blog.  i never thought i'd throw my face on here, much less 70% of my body fabric-less. 

ruggy:  those pictures are great, babe!  did you photoshop them?

i think y'all know the answer to that question.  i think you also know how foolhardy the man was to ask that question.

i actually used picnik (the free version) and a whole lot of iphoto tricks to create the pinup look.  photoshop would have been my first choice, but apple's OS X is being a pain is the ass and not playing with older versions. get with the program, apple.

for those of you who haven't read the original post, the challenge: do a pin up girl as a muppet. thrown down by mena trott.  i chose animal, with a second or two of thought given to ralph the piano playing dog.  musical muppets seem to be my favorite.  

speaking of music, we had the great good fortune to hear ethan iverson of the bad plus play with a new trio this thanksgiving eve, do the math.  BEST THANKSGIVING EVE EVER.  tiny little jazz club, appropriately named smalls, and my favorite in the city, with mismatched chairs, blissed out bartenders, and mirrors hanging everywhere.  at one point in the set, ethan lightly touched the keys in simple, soft, but completely otherworldly combinations, corcoran drew a long bow across his bass, and that was it.  a slow collective intake of breath made the club sound like a yoga practice as everyone relaxed into a gorgeous blanket of sound.  it was like walking in a forest where you knew you were about to stroll headfirst into your true love.

que waxing.  allow me to try to wrap this post up:  at the end of the set, we walked over to shake hands and say thank you as always-- at this point we are obvious and recognizable groupies and are greeted near the territory of friends, which always makes me want to fall off my chair-- when ethan said, "oh hey, i know you.  you're oonaballoona.  you're all about fashion.  i've got you figured out."

for that moment alone, face on the blog was a good call.  

(ps: you still have three days to win a small package of your own... get le shabby apple dress, go throw your hat in the ring!)


  1. Oona you hottie tottie! Love the muppet pinup. :D

  2. i don't think i commented on the sew weekly post (ughh it's been a long week lol) but hot damn girl! work it!

  3. You look amazing Oona!!! Great job as always!!!!

  4. Picnik is pretty cool. :) And I totally would have sworn that muppet pinup couldn't be sexy. You've proven me wrong! Awesome!

  5. Blogger ate my comment! Ok Oona, you are a Solid. Gold. Hottie. Lucky I don't look like that in a jumpsuit cos it'd be all I'd ever wear.

    Animal! Best muppet ever and made the cutest Muppet Baby figurine at McDonalds. Also I liked Fozzie, he had that nice cravat!

  6. Love the pics and the look! 70 % fabricless LOL!:)) That's a challenge I still have to take;)

  7. You're totally a celebrity in your own right and it is well deserved.

  8. @ EVERYONE: thank you ladies! this one was a lot of fun, especially knowing it was already finished when the comments sparked it up :). like a surprise party in my head!

    @ emilykate: the muppet babies theme song was running thru my head the whole time. specifically, "ANIMAL DANCE!"

    @ hana: seriously! i felt like i'd just won an award.

  9. Totally foxalicious outfit! Brilliant work, and I love your fabulous faces on the blog.

  10. You look hot. There is no challenge you can't do.

  11. Shut up. This is too hot. You know that! And the show sounded absolutely perfect... groupie has groupies :) Damn apple! Ima check out picnik & the limited free version of lightroom.


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