hey thanks karen that was GREAT.

miss didyoumakethat asked if anyone has had any sewing stress related dreams.  and then listed all the other normal stress related dreams she's had. of which i had had none. since i like to win in EVERYTHING, my brain decided to put me and ruggy in a rental car all night long while monstrous universe sized tidal waves engulfed mountain passes, valleys, living rooms, you know, wherever we happened to be on our wild trip. and each time i'd see the wave coming i'd know, ALL OVER AGAIN, with abject horror, in a moment we would not be able to breathe.  eventually america was the only joint left above water (perhaps having something to do with my u.s. specific shabby apple giveaway?  yeah, i threw that in there.  don't hate the playa.  hate the game).  but we knew the waters were coming, because, you know, it was the end of the world.  and oh did i mention pentatonix's rendition of "video killed the radio star" was screaming through my head all the while?

they are jaw droppingly talented.  we're catching up.  only on episode 5.  don't tell me what happens, or i will come to your house and hide under your bed and give you nightmares (karen's already on the list. even though she likes my ass.  juliet liked it first though.  hey, thanks for the ass love y'all!  my eyes might be sleepy, but my booty feels fantastic.)


  1. I have never laughed so hard! Yes...Karen's post opened a whole new world of stress related dreams to me!

  2. I love your posts. Isn't it hilarious when everything gets processed in dreams all at once? I confess that I've also had a tidal wave dream in which I was escaping on a raft. (It only got crazier from there... totally medieval.) No sewing-related dreams, though!

  3. Oh yes the tidal wave dream - I know it well! Its supposed to mean something.. but I don't know what...

  4. Ahahaha brilliant! If I were you though I wouldn't hide under my bed - I might capture you and force you to teach me sewing greatness, because I'm a great starter of projects and a dreadful finisher!

  5. If you liked that performance, you are going to PEE YOUR PANTS soon. AHHHHHH! Prepare 'yo self. Just saying.

  6. My stress dreams usually involve bears. And sometimes chewing on bubble gum that pulls my teeth out. Not sure what that one means.

    I love that show.

  7. I give in - you definitely win in the stress dream stakes! Glad (sorry?) I inspired you!

  8. Crazy dream there. Mine last night some how involved sewing and running through a knee high river with my husband and friends where I ran into an ex who recently got married and tried to congratulate him while he was doing his best to ignore me. There were of course a million other little details that have escaped my memory, but I'm not worried about it since I don't even want to know what it means. At least it wasn't scary. Wonderful sewing lately, by the way!

  9. @ debi: it's all part of karen's evil plan!

    @ amy: the thought of a raft in tidal wave could set me off all over again. EEK.

    @ sallie: i got emotional stress. i mean, i don't, but they say i do.

    @ juliet: will you feed me alcohol?

    @ emily marie: i've seen lockdown, GOOD GOD AMAZING...

    @ liza jane: ew. (the gum, not the show.)

    @ karen: i'm not sure i'm speaking to you again yet.

    @ amy: holy shit. that's a lot of processing.

  10. I know I'm going waaaaay back in the commenting but I'm in Australia and only just got The Sing-Off from a friend at work (behind the times in TV and commenting!) and I LOVE it! We've just worked our way up to season 3, ep 3 so I have no spoilers - so far I've resisted the google spoiler temptation!

    And dreams.... they're fun! I was diagnosed with "REM sleep behaviour disorder" this year (weird, since it's technically only supposed to affect old men) and so when untreated had insane vivid dreams that were worse when I was stressed. The worst thing I did was elbow and head-butt my husband in the face when he was trying to wake me up. I didn't wake up.

    Here's to more acapella awesome!


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