on why i am a (very bad) ass

would you look at this loot of loveliness from the luscious lexi (who just happens to have a fantastic blog you should be reading.  can't you tell from the taste level of this bounty?  go on, click that link).  i won her giveaway for six sanjou eiffel tower thread cards (that's right, i gave you another link, CLICK IT) and she felt the package was too small.   so she threw all of this in.

do you see that belt buckle?  those buttons that i'm loathe to separate from their perfect card? le bombshell vixen avec personalized music mix to swoon for?


this is why i suck at giveaways.  this is why my pay it forwards are still quite backwards.  i WANT to fill up packages like this.  i just don't have the enthusiasm required for trekking around the city and finding the fantastic goodies to put into the package.  and i wouldn't call myself the crafty type anymore, so it's not like i can fill a box with wee handmade gifties.  i'm more into making full out party dresses that hang sadly in my closet, waiting for their dance card to fill up.

for debi's sew grateful challenge, i had planned on finishing up those pay it forwards, sending out boxes of cheer, being the bad ass i so frequently insist i am.  so i'm making a public list right here of what i owe.  to guilt me into it. will it work?  it took me eight months to write the promised double agent dress tutorial, you tell me.

one nursing cover
two pattern tracings
three swappy prizes 
four shots of vodka (that's for me) 
five pay it for-waaaaaaaaarrrrdsssssss!



  1. Wow, that's a seriously awesome giveaway haul! In your defense, I had a hard time finding cute thrifted items like this in NYC on my last trip, but I'm also the worst thrifter on the planet.

  2. Hey when you get up to ten lords a-leaping, let me know. I will enter that giveaway.

  3. I just like being Santa (and sitting on Santa's knee, as you know...). xx

  4. Hey, don't worry, I'm no better... Or perhaps we should both worry.
    I would have sworn I have the exact same buttons, but apparently not. I just mixed up two kinds I do have.

  5. @ amanda: NY sucks for thrifting! i don't know where they come up with their prices.


    @ lexi: i bet santa likes it too ;)

    @ hana: i do recall, you are the button queen...

  6. I think take it one thing at a time. Personally, I'd start with the four shots of vodka. Then have another four to celebrate the fact that you're ticking things off your list. Then do the pattern tracings. Fun squiggly times! Given you'd made a start I think that then exonerates you for the next eight months (by which time a nursing cover may no longer be required! Tick off the list - bring on another four shots! (the four shots never get taken off the list, just so you know).

  7. I'm the button queen because I NEVER USE THEM! So I have quite a lot. :-)
    (Well, I use the ugly ones to make fabric covered buttons. Sometimes.)

  8. Had to look hard at the photo to decipher "kitten toe separators." (Was having trouble understanding why anyone would want to separate a kitten's toes, altho I have seen photos of cats wearing nail polish ... this is bad, 'cuz my drink-of-the-moment is coffee.) Nice haul!

  9. @ amanda: as usual, you have the correct plan of attack. i am happy to implement it.


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