for miss fry's stupendous sew grateful challenge, i've chosen a pattern snagged during our NY meetup extravaganza.  i couldn't think of a better fit for this challenge than using something from that big old christmas present of a day.  the fantastic pattern swap portion happened per lisette's suggestion, and to boot, this pattern is from the glowing lisette's very own heeooooouge giveaway stash.  it's simplicity 8699, yonder auburn maned lady.  

(most of the swap passed me by. as we were starting, i ran into an old friend, and we gabbed through the whole shebang.  actually, we talked sewing.  he's a sound engineer, and a big lovely cheerleader for me.  he always makes me feel like i really know how to sew, because he takes such an interest in what i make.  but i digress.)

as Head Cheerleader made me feel like a million bucks, swapping went merrily on.  ah well, i thought, i didn't bring any goodies, so i shouldn't take any anyway.  but no.  SOMEONE LEFT THIS GEM UP FOR GRABS.  for the sheer brilliance of prints on the envelope model alone, i was in.  lisette was so happy i saw all aspects of its glory. this envelope is so pretty, i may frame it.

oh my god i'm so going to frame it.

the fabric is also from the meetup day, another example of me setting a rule for myself then immediately and brattily breaking it.  as the only host living in the meetup city, with regular access to the stores, i'd decided i would keep my bags empty.  i filled it with this at the very first stop.

man that day was a blast.  and now the pounds of fabric purchased seem annointed in magical waters.  it must be residual good juju of all those lovely ladies, i haven't had a fail with a single piece of it.  well, yes, there's the purple box, but that just needs some more seams.  and of course this poof of a skirt might be a fail in someone else's eyes.

there's truly no accounting for taste.

could anything go better with this asian influenced print than my heart enclosed elvis t shirt? methinks no.

to my delight, i found i had the perfect coordinating zip in my stash.  fat purple plastic.  sewing life is so much easier when you're not worried about matching the zip.

attaching the leather waistband was pretty easy, though the insane amounts of gathered fabric make the seam a little thick.  i left my universal 12 needle in and let kenny have at, stitching leather side down with a long stitch. (stitching leather is easy, yo, read more about it here if you're game.)  it's like wearing a belt without the added step of choosing a belt-- a process that can prove time consuming and room wrecking for me, as belts fly everywhere in an ever down-to-the-wire attempt to get out the door on time.

i think you can see it's a pretty simple pattern, but i loved using it, especially since it reminded me of the day and all beautiful peeps involved.  plus, once you've been sewing awhile it's nice to go back to rectangles and once piece waistbands and realize how much easier that rocket science is now.  do you have simple patterns you return to and marvel at your own prowess?  if you don't, get you some.  marveling at your own prowess is good for you.

debi, i marvel at YOU, you lovely huge hearted vintage slip of a whiskey drinkin gal!  please make it an annual event.  next year, i'll be prepared with tutorials and giveaways of my own to spread the sew grateful spirit. (ooh! hello segueway! this year you still have time to enter my shabby apple giveaway, which ends basically when i wake up monday morning and throw everybody's chances into one of them random generator jobs. get your dress yo!)


  1. love love that skirt!! it is fabulous! Pretty sure I might have to try this whole leather waistband thing. Built in belt, why the heck not?! Also, love loving the purple zip. Good choice. Thank-you for sharing!



  2. Very cute skirt!!! You pick the best fabrics and trims. That leather waistband sets it off. Super lovely as always (smile)

  3. LOVE this! The waistband is amazing, and I've always loved that fabric! And that t-shirt. I want it. I'm going to google that right now.

  4. Oona you/your work is gorgeous! Using leather for the waistband is a great idea, and it looks fantastic!

  5. a really cute skirt, love the waist band!

  6. It is a gorgeous skirt and I love the zip and how it brings all different textures and colours together so well. You rock!! ;)

  7. I LOVE this so much!! You have so much amazing style--love the leather waistband, purple zip, amazing print fabric and ELVIS t-shirt!!! You had me at iwannahula.

  8. OhhhhhmyGAH, I love this ensemble! I WANT your Elvis tee-- and that sassy little skirt is CUTE! I LOVE Debi's "Sew Grateful" challenge... such a great idea (sheez, not only is she a fab sewist and stylist, but she also has a heart 'o' gold?! what a gal!)!

  9. awesome. that waistband, especially!!

  10. omg, i love it! the combo of fabric, zip, and waistband--not even mentioning the brilliance of the elvis t--it's just amazing. way to see the pattern in all its glory!

  11. Sushi print ana Elvis shirt? I's in heaven, girl!!! This is a fabulous outfit!

    The Great NYC Blogger Meet Up MUST be an annual event! I must go!

  12. @ ALL YOU LOVELY GALS: thank you so much! your praise has ensured this skirt's debut in reality :)))

    @ montana: built in belt is tres easy, i hope you try it...

    @ sarah: it's ON.

  13. Hah, I'm glad Sarah thought it was Sushi, too! *g* Awesome, and I love the leather belt. And the Elvis shirt. Tres cool. :D

  14. I am freaking out a little bit about that fabric. What IS it? Is it cotton? Is it a little bit shiny? A feel an obsession coming on.

  15. Rock'n that skirt...and the King T-shirt.

  16. Yeah, you know how I said shutup to the romper. SHUT UP! I absolutely love this crazy/beautiful combo.

  17. I can't believe I missed this post. What a loser friend I can be! I f'ing LOVE what you did with this. Youtook something I loved for all its sheer retro psychic gaudiness and made it, well, still gaudy but in a totally AWESOME hip and modern way. Leather waistband? Hot. Elvis t-shirt? What could be more perfect.
    Thank god for Oona.

  18. @ katrina: i have NO idea. shiny on one side and white on the other. no stretch. ???

    @ don & threadsquare: :))).

    @ lisette: i'm glad you did, it makes me feel better about all the catchup i play!!! thank you for recognizing the gaudiness i left in. seriously. how could i not?


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