does not play well with others

Dear Mrs. Balloona,

I regret to inform you that Oona is in danger of expulsion from Summer Sewing Camp.  She is simply not playing well with other bloggers.

Last week, she asked for advice on what fabrics to match with a maxi length dress.  The skirt portion, in my opinion, was quite loud, but I applauded her desire to seek help. Her sewing mates chose a winning fabric, but she did NOT use it to complete her project.  Instead, she used up all of the fabric in order to make this:

Not only did she completely ignore (solicited!) advice, when confronted, she had the audacity to blame it on her fellow sewists.  Little Tilly, sweet Sofia and our star pupil Mokosha have each made darling skirts, which Oona accused them of taunting her with.  In truth, she could not control her jealousy.    

To boot, it is my opinion that her "hand-drafted" pattern is in fact a direct copy of Mokosha's latest beautiful creation.  Oona denies this, claiming some sort of "mind-meld", but let's face it; Mokosha brought her skirt in to class first.  

I also worry for Oona's well-being mentally.  She insisted that this linen fabric smelled of "burnt chai tea" whenever her iron was too hot (which, I can tell you, was often, the girl simply refuses to set the iron to anything lower than full blast).

I am, however, proud of her work on the innards of this skirt.  She took the time to hand stitch a blind hem, and used a bias tape closure for the waistband seam.  Although she continually picks a contrasting thread, at least she didn't go with her first choice of fire engine red lace hem tape.

But don't get me started on zippers. Why she cannot pick an invisible zipper that matches her fabric is beyond me.  I keep telling her it defeats the purpose of an invisible zipper, but the girl is quite headstrong.  I'm sure you know this about her.

It is my fervent hope that she will mature as a sewer and blogger, and learn many useful skills this summer. But you should be ready for an early pick-up.


Mrs. A. Cisco
Summer Sewing Camp For Girls


  1. your blog posts always make me smile. ^_^ Don't worry. I'll come to your class with a fake doctor's note and take you out for ice cream instead.

  2. The next course of action is in-school-suspension where you must make a solid black sheath dress.

  3. Mrs. Cisco clearly doesn’t understand your brilliance. Don’t let her dampen your spirit, little Oona. Instead, short-sheet her bed, teepee her cabin, and steal all her sewing pins!

    This dress is Gorgeous!

  4. Yaaaaayyyyy! Love the skirt. Very cute.

  5. You inspire me in your willingness to flaunt the rules. I am a recovering rules-follower myself.

  6. Ms. Crisco clearly needs herself a nice strong drink, so she can appreciate your lovely skirt with the haze of bourbon googles and mint.

  7. Love this, love your boldness! The skirt looks fabulous on its own, and matching invisible zippers are sooooo overrated. For realsies. The innards of the skirt are super pretty, and I always pick a contrast thread! It makes it much easier on my when I have to unpick...because unpicking white thread from white fabric is a nightmare. Pssha - Ms Crisco, it's a new world of sewing! And Oona is the leader!

  8. Snerk! that is one super-cute skirt, I love the play with the pleats and the stripes.

    I think Ms. Crisco is writing my mommy about my flagrant disregard for pattern integrity and precision... and persistent inconsistency in seam finishing.

  9. Hilarious post! I like the skirt, it's very cute and a great way to use this fabric.

  10. you are SO adorable!!! thanks for mentioning my skirt :) it's on it's way to its new home in Paris!

    I adore this fabric. Now I want to play with linen too! The bias tape is perfect. It makes you feel so much happier when the inside looks pretty!

  11. Oona, you keep on keepin' on with your unapologetic awesome. The shirt is rad! And so is the attitude.

    I don't sew, but my good friend DaughterFish does, and she's got me all hooked on your blog. Great stuff.

    Taylor Alt-Mama
    (Who actually WAS kicked out of a summer camp, back in the day. Solidarity!)

  12. I mean skirt. Not shirt.

    Typing skillz. I've got 'em.

  13. A-Freaking-Mazing! I think your having an influence on me, when I read about the red lace hem tape I thought "Oooh that would look awesome!" Also what's the point of perfect stitches if you don't pick a contrasting thread to show them off?!?

    p.s. Your not the only one who does that with the iron...

  14. Gorgeous skirt, and great use of that stripedy linen. It plays well with the pleats. Plus, I liked the super flammable synthetic teal better for the maxi.

  15. Your skirt is so pretty! And I love those shoes! :]

  16. :D Great skirt, I love the lines on you! I'm in stitches about your writing style! :) What did happen to the dress, though? Polka dots? ;)

  17. This skirt is gorgeous! I would buy it in a second and I love the entire outfit. Putting this one away for the inspiration files. Mrs. A. Cisco doesn't know what she's talking about!

  18. hahaha! You are awesome. And the skirt is amazing!

  19. Oh I think little Oona plays very well with her fellow sewists, actually. We never expected her to follow the rules anyway! :)

  20. Oh, you play just fine with others. It's following directions you seem to have trouble with! Me, I'm the teacher's pet -- always following instructions, until I figure out a better way.

  21. Bad, bad Oona!
    But then, if you get a fabulous skirt like this - and if you get a lot of wear out of it - listening to advice is less important.

  22. you crazy thing.. now i love you even more, if that's possible.. amazing skirt

  23. Ohhh you make me smile, love the dress, love the blog!
    Thank you

  24. Oona, I first discovered you on burdastyle...I was fascinated by the account of the silk dress that tried to kill you. Riveting. And this skirt is great; I'm not sure I would have had the nerve to use that fabric ever, but it looks super.

  25. Oh my quite a piece of gossip!:)) yellow is great for Leos;)

  26. wow, nice blog nice style . love it.

    this outfit is so gorgeous... this skirt is just amazing.

    i follow as fast is i type...:)


  27. Dear Mrs. A. Cisco,

    Big Daddy and myself are children of the '60s and as such we have raised Oona to be an independent, free spirit!
    Please refrain from trying to inhibit her creativity.

    Joking Regards,
    Mrs. E. Balloona

  28. i want quite badly to respond to everyone, but mrs cisco has sent me to my bunk early for the night without dessert. i'm sneaking computer time on meg grand's ipad.

    hopefully she'll have a change of heart tomorrow (she thinks i started the name crisco. mom, this camp SUCKS!)

  29. kelly, helena, rebecca, amanda, stephanie lynn, mokosha, anna, magaret, : thanks so very much! ( and you're welcome, anna). i have s'mores for you all.

    meg n: ICE CREAM ICE CREAM!!!

    liza jane: dammit. that sounds like a challenge.

    daughter fish: would it be too much to run her undies up the flagpole?

    mjb: i hope you are doing well in your recovery. i prescribe a good cotes du rhone.

    leah: here, here!!! or is it hear hear? either way, pass the bourbon.

    meg g: AHHHH!!! i am oona and i have come to take over the world!!!!!!!! tres good point on the unpicking, by the way. you may be my vice world taker-over.

    tanit isis: that cisco is blind in one eye, i'm sure of it. your seams are gorgeous.

    sofia: well, if it can't stay with you, at least it's going to pa-reeee...

    taylor: well hello fellow fish lover! that didn't sound right. i'm glad you're here, rebel girl! you may mistype anytime. i'll just take it for wanton drunken-ness.

    kristy: HA! now you must use red lace on your next project!

    amy: ya see, the problem is, by laying out all that fabric in plain sight, i've come up with singular ideas for all of them....

    alessa: as seen above: still waiting! i might destroy it.

    ashley: you know me to be the brat i am. that's why i dig you.

    lazysubculturalgirl: awesome name. yes, you have me pegged: i normally glaze over directions and then curse when i F it up. lemme in on those better ways...

    hana: I KNOW! once i line the damn thing. i'll gt tons of wear out of it. apparently, ruggy doesn't like me walking around ny essentially half naked.

    bella: THAT DAMN DRESS! i put a belt on it and it retaliated by making me look 20 pounds heavier.

    magda: and a leo i most certainly am :)))

    wardrobexp: well thanks & welcome!

    eileen: i quit camp.


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