which came first


turned into this:

which will become this:


we are back, and breaking from the shells of our suitcases into new york.  last night on the plane, as we headed down into glistening mirrors and glass and light and noise, i was stunned as always.  we took off from a downy bed of trees and fields and landed in something so cut and shimmering, green would simply be... out of place.  yet it's beautiful as well.  i'm glad we have both sides to stare at in wonder.  


  1. OMG - baby peacock!! too adorable ;)

  2. aww how cute! I have never seen a baby peacock before.

  3. I would never have guessed that baby peacocks are small and yellow, too... :)

  4. AH! I've been webby-mia and am catching up on the blogs. As usual, yours made me laugh. The basset hound got scared. Am considering getting her a peacock friend.

  5. How sweet, he/she is just so adorable. The transformation is truly amazing!

  6. Aw, thats why the peacock was being all paranoid thinking there was another peacock around and trying to fight- he was protecting the eggs!
    We get (sorta) the same experience flying from Tasmania after visiting Simon's parents. Tassie is so green it looks like Lord of The Rings, and then when you're circling over Melbourne it looks like a very brown town. But its still our fave.
    Those are some fierce fabrics you picked up at Hancocks! Looking forward to seeing their fashion incarnations :o)

  7. That is total crazy talk. Pretty mind-blowing creatures. I'm still laughing over your four-wheeler incident, though. I'm dying to know where Mum Ruggy lives. Some place where 4-wheelers have a stigma of country-bumpkinism?

  8. ha! the four wheeler is usually king there... which added to mama ruggy's rage...


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