no really it's totally their fault.  it has nothing to do with me.  i'm thinking of getting me some new friends.  and when you meet an extremely cool blogger-sewist-writer-chica in person, who just happens to live a subway ride away, lemme tell ya.  old crazy standbys, WATCH OUT.

several weeks ago, i had the enabling, sugary sweet pleasure of meeting daughter fish.  do you know her?  she's all kinds of awesome.  she sews incredibly, mixes a mean cocktail, speaks french, and will throw down a macaroon and tromp through the garment district in the rain with the most discerning eye.  (macaroon and garment district being the enabling sugary sweet part, pleasure part being daughter fish.  enabling being the mulah dropped on fabric.)

we bought all kinds... and with her gentle help i didn't stray too far into the realm of polyester.  there was one fabulous print that i really wanted.  it was stretchy, a yard weighed about two pounds, and when i yelped, oooo, this is so cool!  daughter fish calmly replied yes, that's interesting.  i knew the proper response was to walk away. not that she dissuaded me.  she just knew where the good stuff was.  i actually bought silk... and cotton... and this solid colored fantastic jersey goodness:

oh hello i made a pattern magic dress!  when i finally cracked that hard won book open, i was amazed at the fabric origami!  the twists!  the turns!

the MATH.

stopped me dead in my tracks, it did.  i decided i would not do the math.  i would just draw the shape i thought it should look like, and cut, math be damned as it most certainly should be.  and here's where daughter fish's magical powers must've worked some mojo on this fabric, because it WORKED.  yes, i was off at the center by a big old triangle of peep show happening, but i just added a center panel et voila!

i gathered the sleeves at the shoulder seam like i likes to do.  now, don't get me wrong, i must repeat, this is not my SW refashion challenge.  i made this weeks ago.  wore it to a fancy dinner which ended on a four wheeler.

all fancy dinners should end on a four wheeler.  and they should always be enjoyed in the company of friends.

got some i could borrow?


  1. Aww. I am totally jealous of Daughter Fish. Also OMG YOU MADE A SOLID???!?

    Seriously, dude, I thought the whole "end times" thing was done now we passed May 21st, but this has to be a sign of the Apocralypse.

    Seriously, though, Oona the great stopped in her tracks by math? Pllffffblbllt! If I can sew with prints, you can totally do math. And look cute doing it.

    OK now I am totally going to be fantasizing about visiting New York. Instead of the impending eight-hour drive home across nothing but prairie that I'll be undertaking in a few days. *headdesk*

  2. i know, what the hell is wrong with me?! this must be in the mayan calender prediction!

    i felt so classy walking around in a solid color.


  3. Whatever this is called, math no math dress it's fantastico! And yes, your hood is always good to me-heart it!

  4. When is your show!! I'm serious, you should have a line of your own. :)

  5. That dress looks fantastic on you! I love the jersey fabric and the fancy twist. I'm new to your blog and am loving looking back through your posts - thanks!

  6. fabulous dress, lovely oona.. i have few patterns for dresses with a twist, and never made any of them, feeling it's somehow too complicated.. but your twist is fabulous.. and looking nice in solid color :) though i can't wait to see what you came up with this lovely fabric in the background

  7. Love the twist in the front - it's such a neat detail!

  8. Ah, I don't know what to write. I want to write that I like the dress, and any wording I come up with sounds stupid... so, yes, I like the dress.

  9. Cracked the Pattern Magic and in a solid colour. Mayans while just have to wait coz you are on a roll.

  10. Wowsa! You knocked this one out of the park! Good job! Even if the solid print is a sign of the end times, you're going to look amazing when the four horsemen of the Apocalypse ride through. And thanks for the kind words. I'll go on a sugary fabric binge with you anytime!

  11. Hubba, hubba! Love this dress!!

  12. Lovely dress Oona! And wooow what beautiful fabric is there next beside you?!...guess, I fell in love! <3<3<3

  13. There are solid fabrics with no polka dots on them? Really?!?


    Awesome dress, I love the twist and it drapes superbly around you. :)

  14. cathe: thank you! i imagine my hood hearts you :)

    julie: i love you. flattery will get you EVERYWHERE.

    kathryn: many thanks... and glad you're enjoying the archives!

    mokosha: of course the starburst caught your eye! it's actually a huge scarf from h&m. total impulse buy, and worn practically every day.

    hana: completely eloquent, my friend!

    don: but the zombies are coming.

    daughter fish: i do like to dress for the occasion. :) all your inspiration!

    nette: taken in again by the h&m scarf! they have some jewels in that store....

    alessa: HAA! thank you.

  15. Loving the twistyness! Fabulous color on you as well :)

  16. It is gorgeous, and I totally agree that fancy dinners and four wheelers go together like, well, peas and carrots.

  17. love it! I haven't done a solid dress ever but this dress proves it's well worth it! I tend to rely on a pattern or bright color that will save the mess that I might make but I'm tempted to try making one as well! you look lovely!

  18. meg: thank you! it feels nice to wear a solid...

    corvustristis: and peas n cornbread!!!

    sofia: you know, i often think a dress would be saved by NOT using a print, but i totally see your point. crazy print + wonky seams= illusion of perfect tailoring....


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