sew weekly sunday: it don't matter if you're black or white.

here in kalkatroona, we're a little bit of both, dontcha know.

a certain petite kalkatroonan is also a little bit loser today, as i did NOT complete this sew weekly challenge.  chalk it up to flying home mid week, then getting hornswaggled out of state for two days, and returning home with a boatload of beadwork that needs to be accomplished in 24 hours.  and no last minute cramming; father's day is not a day for sewing.  no, this most holy of days is reserved for ordering a godzilla sized pitcher of margaritas and taking over a mexican joint by storm.  the place was quite crowded when the eight of us arrived.  that didn't last long.

but i lie.  it could be a day for sewing, if kalkatroonan dad decides to dive into his brand-old singer featherweight 221.  i found this abused baby in brooklyn for twenty smackeroos, and after a lot of cleaning and oiling she runs perfectly.  expect big things from big daddy, y'all.

(as for my first failed challenge: i was actually going to finally make the dress of my eighth grade dreams.  the pattern is assembled and ready.  the fabric is waiting.  the hornswaggling ensued shortly thereafter. the first time i posted about my princely dress was three years ago-- actually it will be exactly three years by the time i finish it for a double feature next sunday.  i will not be beaten!)

happy dad's day big daddy and brother beast, and a very merry to alla y'all peeps who are pops!


  1. A TWENNY DOLLAR FEATHERWEIGHT?!?!?!!???!!?!? I have to go lie down!!!!

    And your DAD is SEWING! Too freakin awesome.

  2. I have that machine and I LOVE IT!!! It was my grandmother's-- I've toted it everywhere. The machine and its case fit nicely into my carry-on luggage when I flew to NYC for a semester. :)

  3. Completely awesome buy. I love my featherweight!

  4. ok. I hope you're happy. Now I have "Ebony and Ivory" stuck in my head. Your. Fault.

    (I'm just ignoring all that other part where you have a super-cool dad and found a totally ridiculous bargain and whatnot.)

  5. YAY to Margaritas! YAY to Dads and Brothers (I don't have the latter), YAY to eighth grade dreams and YAY to great featherweight finds!

  6. I'm very jealous of
    1. that awesome Featherweight - and it works!
    2. that beautiful sugar&milk china - I've been looking for a fabric of that color and print for over 2 years!
    3. the dreamy polka dot dress I'm imagining, having seen that fabric. :)

    Your posts are always very enjoyable and not boring at all, I love your style of writing. :)

  7. Whoa, that 8th grade dream dress IS a dream. As is the featherweight and dad sewing! Can't wait for next Sunday's double feature!

  8. Yum, yum, polka-dot! If I had done the challenge, that was what I was going to use.

  9. Wow. What a surprise. How many father's expect a super-cool vintage Singer sewing machine for Father's Day? (Did I ever tell you I was once offered a job at the original Singer Sewing Machine Co. factory when it was still in operation?)

    And it's in such beautiful condition and it has the ORIGINAL MANUAL and ORIGINAL CASE stuffed with supplies and tools that appear to the novice (me) to be intended for use in a magic act.

    I just started reading the manual. I can't wait to get started sewing. For the first time in my life I hope to finally wear un-cuffed blue jeans!


    I had a wonderful Cinco de Father's Day at the Crazy Bull! THANK YOU AGAIN OONA!


  10. Oh! I hope you get to retain that wonderful time to sew fabric polka dots, I'm anxious to see the result and I hope you do not let it be forgotten. Love polka dots!
    Happy Father's Day (late), if you enjoyed this event, the seam may wait .... yay!

  11. Ahhhhhhh, sassy Cherry Moon polka dots! Hurry up and show us the goshdang dress!

  12. emilykate: yeah, but you find machines for FREE.

    stacie: my first machine was a featherweight, i still have mine. stupidly, i tossed the case because it was musty!

    angie: they really are the best. and you make such gorgeous things with it...

    beangirl: i was really upset with myself when the title for this post came into my head. i've been listening to MJ on a loop for several days now. make. it. STOP.

    debi: YEAH! YAAAY!

    alessa: isn't the china brilliant? mama ruggy had two patterns to choose from, one was white. it was a no brainer.

    daughter fish: having been usurped by The Friend, i may have jinxed my double feature... actually, i'd love to see what you'd do with that pattern.

    lisette: i adored everyone's polka dots at SW!

    big daddy: you DID tell me about the singer factory, and it was like you told me you'd been offered a job with willy wonka. your jeans will be the best in town!!

    rosy: i am determined not to forget this one again. but still terrified!

    gingermakes: ah, you are a fan of le cherry moon! welcome, my friend! i will need an actual boat for the shoot so it can blow in the wind like mary's did...

    cathe: tehee:)

  13. I am going to go with the purple-y mod rayon, as you put it. I think it will look very nice!


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