quoth ruggy: is that a steelers dress?

this week, mena tried to kill me.  i'm not lying, see for yourself.

(but before you go, please dig the clockwork orange vibe my curl is pulling.)


  1. I love that Ruggy and I had exactly the same thought...except mine was "OMG I would love to wear that to a Steelers game because it is so epic." The Steelers are my team, Oona - I turn into a completely different person when I am watching some pigskin get tossed around the field. Perhaps a dress like this would remind me to act a little more ladylike and less like a raving banshee who threatens to chop off the other team's legs. Intense stuff, I tell you...but the dress is tres fabulous :)

    Word verification: Penspen: The chant that office supply store workers use to get riled up before store opening. Office Max firmly denies this. Staples has no comment.


    you are now most certainly ruggy's favorite blogger.

    (and your WC makes you mine.)


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