sew weekly sunday: still a pill

Last week, while relaxing and sipping some of Ruggy's sweet tea, I mentioned that I needed a pillowcase for this week's sew weekly challenge.  Ruggy was out with his friends, so his mom & I were wheel-less for the evening.

Or so it would seem.

Mother Ruggy's eyes lit up, as this situation had only one solution: we'd have to take the four wheeler down to the evil empire megastore located at the base of our pretty mountain top. We love to take the four wheeler down to the Evil Empire. It makes shopping there an adventure, a covert operation, somehow, more glamorous. And as we only have to ride on 20 feet of actual road, it's really not illegal.

Or so it would seem.

Onto the ATV we hopped, and as we circled the shopping goliath, Mother Ruggy spotted new parking spaces designed especially for motor cycles. How convenient! Our four wheeler fit perfectly, we climbed off, and tromped in. $13.94 later, I had everything I needed for my challenge. Also, a gallon of bubble solution. You know, for blowing bubbles.

As we rounded the corner, gaily discussing what we'd imbibe that evening, we discovered a police cruiser parked directly behind our glorious machine. Blocking it in, actually. Complete with cop on walkie-talkie standing next to the not-a-motorcycle, speaking with several Evil Empire employees.

Mother Ruggy: turnaround turnaround walk the other way

oona: okay whatshouldwedo whatshouldwedo

Mother Ruggy: act like we can't remember where we parkedthecar yes hmmmm I think we parked it over here?

oona: mmm, no, no, I believe it's over there...

(Mother Ruggy throws a not so subtle glance over her shoulder)

Mother Ruggy: he's still watching!

(oona and Mother Ruggy wander around the parking lot, making no less than five changes in direction in an attempt to stupefy the officer. Finally, they head back towards the Evil Empire for shelter. The cop catches on, catches up, and calls out behind them.)

Copper:  Ma'am.

(The women have completely lost their sense of hearing.)

Copper:  Ma'am.  MA'AM.

(Sure that they are going to jail, oona quietly braces herself. Mother Ruggy spins around to face the cop.)


(oona is speechless. If this was going to be the way it went down, she would have suggested proudly marching right up to the cop in the first place.)

Copper:  Well, ma'am, is that your four wheeler?


Copper: I understand ma'am. But the Evil Empire does have the right to decide what vehicles are allowed on their property.

Mother Ruggy: Well, that is STUPID.

(oona stares. Mother ruggy is a badass. The extremely polite, chastised young officer jots down their names as he almost apologetically explains the letter of the law, and the women go on their merry way.)

Our names are surely on a list somewhere in Evil Empire's headquarters.

Oh yeah, and I made the pillowcase dress. Which, unlike Mena's stunning mod dress over at xojane, looks exactly like a pillowcase.

This is the ONLY pose this dress looks good in. Not a keeper. But SO worth the trip.


  1. What a way to go fabric shopping. The quasi illegality of it all makes the dress look quite a bit better.

  2. HAHA! Go ruggian mom! ATVs are so fun. I really think they should be made not just legal, but mandatory. Think of a world where EVERYONE rode one instead of driving normal cars. It would be a better, brighter world.

  3. Love mother ruggy! She is a total BA (badass in Chicago speak). I love that you posed with your "vehicle" - that face is priceless! Also, I must say, I don't think the dress looks much like a pillowcase. I think it looks uber fabulous with that belt accessory. I think you could make a potato sack look fabulous if you wanted to (do they even put potatoes in non mesh sacks anymore? Because mesh sacks might need a lining before you made that into a dress... or not, depending on what store you are going to) Maybe adding some trimming would change your mind?? Love it, love the story, love the fantastic face!

  4. You're a fox! A rebellious fox. I want to live on a mountain *sigh*.

  5. The only way to improve on this story would have been if the pillow cases were prison striped. Or safety orange.

  6. You are awesome, I would love to go to the shops on a four wheeler!! (I fonly I had one) :P

  7. I agree, you are two foxy ladies! In all senses. Living on a mountain would be nice, but I do like having everything within walking distance.

    I'm glad you got a good pose, at least. I don't think I could pull off a pillowcase dress ever, sigh.

  8. Ha, EVERYONE has a 4-wheeler here. And they're driven/parked....wherever . :P

  9. Wicked peacocks, sweet tea, an Evil Empire, ATVs, and bubble solution? Sign me up! Sounds like a perfect vacation (or a David Lynch film). Love the dress. You look adorable!

  10. Do you ever not have adventures? I don't think so. I guess there is never a boring day in Kalkatroona.

  11. It looks nice and i really like the belt. I agree with mother ruggy that was stupid, if you are spending money, what does it matter.

  12. y'all, this dress SERIOUSLY BLOWS! it is 100% the crazy pose, i promise you.

    ...and if it were up to me, four wheelers would be the ONLY legal vehicle in the land.

  13. i'm coming for a visit
    no way you can stop me
    and i expect you to pick me up from the airport
    in this very four wheeler

  14. Lordy, where have YOU BEEN MY ENTIRE LIFE?! Can I heart you any more than I do right now? Possibly not.
    Just found your blog via Colette - yeah, I need to make the shirt-into-a-dress thang.
    You RULE.


  15. mokosha: i will break every rule to come get you.

    michelle: well hot dang i'm glad you found me!!! welcome!!!


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