sew weely sundu: perfet summer wacay

last night, after a delicious meal out complete with monster sized glass of prosecco, flight of three roses, bottle of cotes du rhone and a chocolate martini, i quickly typed up a title for this post before going to bed.

i think you can see we did not need the chocolate martini.

this is my idea of a perfect summer dress: maxi length, jersey, loose, colorful and comfortable.  the only thing missing: pockets.  but i couldn't see them hanging well with this drapey material.  also, i am surprisingly reluctant to try new-to-me techniques, such as in-seam pockets.  one might say stubborn.  once i finally try the damn things, i'll probably hack open everything in my closet in a mad rush to have in-seam pockets galore.

same idea as my meeting mena dress, only this time i used jersey all around and lace as trim...

but i'm so not digging this stitch job.  check the line.  i wasn't drinking, officer.  for reals.  just working on a janome 5812 which, lemme tell ya, kinda BLOWS so far.

the woman at hancock's corrected me and called it "ja-noh-mie".  you can call it crapola, far as i'm concerned.  

but hey!  listen, do you think i should change the trim to this beauty?  grabbed it at joann's.  it's not beaded, it's rayon-- isn't it cool?  i'm ripping stitches either way, so opine away if you got one.  maybe the lace should go too?  while i'm at it i guess i could try pockets...

by the way, the title was supposed to be "sew weekly sunday: perfect summer vacay." which it is, and which is why i've been MIA (mired in alcohol.)

fabric: stretch jersey ($5 yd), knit jersey ($5 yd)
pattern: burdastyle's modified azalea pattern
year: current
notions: braided trim ($1 yd), vintage lace (ruggian mom's stash!)
time to complete: 4 hours
first worn: yesterday morning
wear again: yes, probably to a wine tasting this friday.  glutton for punishment, or just glutton?
total cost: $13

EDIT 05.21.2012:  i did change the trim to the "beaded"stuff, and removed the lace.


  1. Wow, great dress, and lovely pictures.Hope you don't have a hangover :)

  2. I really love the colours! That jersey looks yummy and that chocolate martini sounds a very good plan!

  3. I like the original trim a lot. The new one is surely fabulous, but I like the original. There's something strangely comforting about lace paired with braided trim...
    And, wow, Azalea! Pattern stashing strikes again. :-)
    (BTW, I type weird things, too, and the only thing I've been drinking is elderbloom syrup paired with water... Proves again my old idea that I don't need alcohol, I make do with sugar...)

    Word verification: tionial. I cannot make up my mind whether it's a medicine or something to do with the Star Wars Expanded Universe character Tionne Solusar (I've clearly been spending too much time on Wookieepedia recently).

  4. i wouldn't change a bit of it
    maybe, just maybe, would replace chocolate martini with greyhound

  5. hehehehe...I love the post title :) Like the others, I really like the original trim as well and that colour is just stunning! Fabulous summer wacay dress ;)

  6. It's beeyooootiful! That braid is gorgeous but make another dress and use it on that.

    Sounds like you're having a luverly vacay. Sounds like you're picking yourselves nicely! We've got a little winter vacay coming up and I can't wait, we're pretty much going to plant ourselves in a guesthouse in front of an open fire and line up the winebottles!

  7. Oh, I love your dress! I'd leave the lace trim.

  8. It's not a wacay unless there's one last unnecessary cocktail involved:)

    These are great colors on you! Beautiful. I love the new trim but I think I like the original on this dress. The new trim might get lost next to the print?

    I've been sewing on a Janome for 7 years and have a love/hate relationship. I looove my Janome serger, however.

  9. the raspberry color is gorgeous! so cute :)

    and i think inseam pockets would go in fine. you could stitch a little stay tape (or twill tape or whatever) into the seam where the pocket attaches if you're worried about it stretching. although unless you throw concrete blocks into the pockets, you shouldn't really get too much stretching.

  10. Swell lookin' dress, trims, and drink menu! The new trim is awesome, but I say add it to your arsenal.

    As for the J-word, I'm pulling rank on Lady Hancock because it's a Japanese brand... craptacular or not, it's pronounced JA (as in JAck shit) NO (as in NO shit) MAY (as in MAY i help you) ... janome... and it means SNAKE EYE or the more sinister EYE OF THE SNAKE.

    Continue enjoying!

    word ver: rednes.... look in the mirror

  11. I like the new trim. I think it would look awesome. But the original trim is nice, too. Love that raspberry color.
    And the comment above-- snake eye!?! Really?

  12. Ooooh! Fabulous color! And your evening sounded wonderful. Yummmm prosecco! It's one of my favorites. :) In-seam pockets are super easy. I've never done them in jersey, but I promise they are not scary. I've actually been meaning to put together a tutorial for that...

  13. In-seam pockets are amazing, although I've never put them in jersey.
    And hello, this dress is a gorgeous little number! I've just bought two maxi dresses and now I'm thinking I should just make one! You're a bad influence, girl.

  14. This is much more perfet than the maxi dresses at Burda right now. . . and I love the colors.

  15. Once you put in those pockets you will won't them in every garment. So handy and easy!

    I completely agree -- this is the perfect summer dress, flowy and brightly colored! Easy peasy!

    I have a Janome (not the 5812) and it's pretty awesome, so don't write them completely off!

    I wish I had a chocolate martini right now, but I would probably get in trouble as I am proctoring a final exam...

  16. Wow, that is such a beautiful color on you. And inseam pockets on jersey just stink. They always get stuck to your skin and you fiddle trying to get your hands in there cuz the fabric's sticking together. So not worth it.

  17. I love the dress and the trim! I really am looking for a dress like this for summer. ^_^

  18. Oh, let me reiterate: I LOVE THIS DRESS! Looks super comfy, and you look like a cute little wood sprite in these pics. I vote go for that cool new rayon trim (I like the contrast with the fabric), but keep the lace. It’s purty!

  19. Wauw -you look like a Greek Godess!

  20. Love the dress - I'm definitely going to be copying it (imitation is the greatest form of flattery ;-) ). Your blog is definitely one of my favorites and the first one I always look at!

  21. Very pretty! I like the original trim, but have no doubt you'll find a totally scrumptious use for the new one. Maxi Dresses For The Win!

    So sad your Janome (I, and the dealer I got it from, always pronounced it just like your lady said, but I have no doubt Big is actually correct) is sub-par. I have a (cheap ass) one, and considering what it is (bottom end) and what I paid for it (freakishly little for a Janome) it's a pretty awesome workhorse. Though I occasionally yearn for some more advanced features, like feed dogs that drop or a needle position that adjusts to the right as well as the left.

    Glad your wacay was as awesome as your dress!

    word verification: stsinge. Like St Singe, patron saint of monkeys? Or perhaps Monkees...

  22. I like the 2nd trim but I'm more of an ethnic print gal myself.

    word ver: Dintiall.

    I grew up in the south and I may have said something like this. didn't y'all go to the store already? dintiall?

  23. amazing color and it looks so comfy!

  24. oooh, I LOVE this. This is going in my to-copy file as well. I really like the lace and current trim. In-seam pockets are awesome. Not hard at all, but I haven't tried them in knits so don't know if they would hang funny or show through.

    Sorry to comment as anon-just can't be bothered to sign-in just to comment. I'm Paloma on sew weekly. I love seeing all your projects. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Oh, I just adore you and the colors you wear! Fabulous dress - either trim would be delightful with that beautiful lace! PS Have a chocolate martini for me and I will have "lemonade" for you. Well done - I love that your perfect summer dress is perfectly comfortable!

    Word verification: Diongeri. What you would get if you mixed Celine Dion and Geri Halloway (Spice Girls). A strange beast, prone to diva like behavior, who dresses almost exclusively in designers who focus on wide collars, gogo boots, and short hems. See: Barbara Streisand.

  26. Lovely dress! The color mixes are phenomenal. You wouldn't believe that I bought the upper bodice fabric too--I got mine from Hancock's and love it. We've got something in common! This is my first time checking out your blog. Like what I see and will be keeping tabs on you (smile).

  27. Ahhh drunken typing, it makes so much sense at the time! I love it!

    This dress is GORGEOUS! Am experiencing a serious case of wardrobe item coveting. I respect your dedication to the perfect top stitch - I'm a sewing perfectionist but even I would probably just leave it be! The new trim is super pretty but I think I like the original one best.

  28. I just found your blog and I love it!

    This dress is great even with the drunken stitches. The lace is my favorite part.

  29. julie: thank you, and i didn't that day.... but i do today. yowza.

    stevie: oh, the chocolate martini was really the death of sobriety that night.

    hana: i really thought you were going to go the elderbloom/tonic route on tionial. nice star wars turn... and i had no idea wookieepedia existed. i feel a void in my life has been filled.

    mokosha: greyhound?! what is this? some new liquor? or an actual dog... to see you safely home at the end of the night?

    debi: i thought you especially would get a kick out of that title. :)

    emilykate: :)) that's exactly how my nan would say "beautiful" :)) we're on the last days of our vacay and i am already jealous of your boozy guesthouse fire...

    maja: thank you!

    jacqueline: so true, so true. thank you, i adored purple in high school and am finding the flame rekindled... which janome do you have? this 5812 is killing me!

    wendy: now that you say it, i guess it is more raspberry than purple. ruggy has informed me several times i'm slightly colorblind. hmmm. i've never tried stay/twill tape! that would be two firsts... sounds like a challenge. it's on.

    big: WELL. the WC gods were with you, redness did abound. and when i return the bastard snake of a machine, i will inform Lady Hancock of her error. "it's MAY (as in MAY i help you turn your garment into a pile of shit)."

    > liza jane: ah! another raspberry! i AM colorblind!!!

    > stephanie lynn: yes, prosecco is the perfect summer drink :) i would LOVE to see a tutorial! says the gal who has promised tutorials for several months now.....

    > lisette: thank you! i have been and prolly always will be an enabler.

    > sigrid: thank you! i've had a lot of trial and error with burda maxi dresses... mostly taking in wads of side seam to lose the tent effect :)

    > beth: jeez, i know! that's why i'm afraid to do it! i hope you got your martini, flavored or straight, as a matter of fact, doesn't exams with cocktails sound so much more civilized?

    > amy: that was my fear, the sticking part. maybe i'll try them on cotton first...

    > meg n: look no further than the azalea pattern! just take the extra width out if you want a more streamlined look. and this was one of the early BS patterns, so it's really nice. wording gets weird at times, but it's just so much more thought out than the recent burda online patterns.

    > daughter fish: thank you! so, two tiny votes to change it.... and i DID. i LOVE it with the new trim, i think it looks much cleaner. however, the lace was lost as well. it fought hard, but in the end it had to be amputated.

    > danemum: what a great compliment! thank you!

    > travelling soo: yes, please do copy away. i'm so glad you like le blog!

    > ashley: thanks mama!

    > tanit-isis: oddly enough, this little crapper of a machine does have dropper feed dogs. yet it screams like it's dying if i try to run 3 layers of medium weight jersey knit through it. oh, and last i checked, you were top on the medals podium for maxi dresses :)

    > saro: i changed it and i love love love it. and we've been saying dintiall all week long. i mean, i thought WC was supposed to come up with fake words...

    > magda: thank you!

    > paloma: hey girl! thanks for coming by! :)

    > meg g: alright. that is the mac daddy of WCs.

    > amanda: i was SURE i was typing it out perfectly! hey, you should add it to your closet list. it is SOOOO easy.

    > natalie: thank you on both counts! i liked the lace too... but alas, it did not survive...

  30. I think the beaded trim is a lot of fun, personally. And I love the color of the dress.

  31. ahahaa
    nope.. it happens to be my favorite cocktail :)
    vodka and grapefruit and a lime slice


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