my plans for sewing this weekend have been completely and utterly thwarted.  i'm currently sitting on a picnic bench outside of a noisy shop full of boys using massive power tools.  i like the boys, so that's okay.  so, what does a kalkatroonan do when she can't sew?  fondly remember drinking adventures, mais oui!

ruggy spied a write-your-own-label contest from fat tire ale, and thought i should enter.  it's called joyride, and you can win the sweetest bike ever.  thirty enjoyable minutes just whizzed by as i wrote up my label (it's not on the site yet, but if you have something to holla about fat tire, go!  scribe!).  it so happens i've had my first fat tire just this past week, during my very first floating trip.  which is not actually floating.  it's canoeing.  and rapids. with nice relaxing stretches of floating.  i was told i'd need sunscreen, a hat, and sturdy shoes.  then, the night before the float, i was informed that there would absolutely be snakes.  water moccasins, to be exact.  that would not only be present in the water; no ma'am, they could very well drop from low hanging trees as well.


obviously on the day, a little liquid courage was in order.  but horror of horrors... no wine to be had in the cooler. only beer.  i do not drink beer.  until i drank two fat tires.  they were delicious, and the ride was unforgettable.  it was NOT the dark tree covered scene from deliverance.  just look at those cliffs!  or maybe they're called bluffs! and yes, we saw two snakes!  one FIVE FEET from where we had just been swimming!

come to think of it, it's been a dangerous couple of weeks...


  1. You brave thing! I love the water but I'm generally terrified of what lurks in it.

  2. It looks like the Buffalo River! I've floated that! It's in NW AR, and I live just a stone's throw away - in SW MO - but have only been once - with a very good friend - girls' camping trip - and it was fantastic! Also took my hubs and kids to the Buffalo- but the kids wouldn't get on the river once someone mentioned snakes. Oh, well,..

  3. Sounds like so much fun (well, except the part about the snakes)! Best of luck with the Fat Tire label contest. I find it hard to believe they'll receive a better entry than yours!

  4. Oh it looks so beautiful! Beautiful BUT DEADLEEEEEEEE! Although I couldn't help but picture house-slippers floating past your boat when you mentioned the after moccasins.
    Good luck with the contest! That is a sweet bike, and I had a look at the site, and the beer is made by LADY BREWERS! You know they would be awesome chicks.

  5. ~lisette: i felt quite brave. until we had to navigate under a tree, and the branches got caught in my hair... i checked my curls for snakes for 30 minutes!

    ~caro: you are CORRECT! oh, they have to get in the river. really, they're more afraid of us then vice versa. but i'm sure you've told them that. maybe if you bribe them with sugar.

    ~ashley: i don't know, the competition is stiff. some peeps wrote drunken poetry.

    ~emilykate: i love it! DEADLY HOUSE SLIPPERS! um, i had no idea it was lady brewers. i KNEW there was a reason for the rocking.

  6. Wow, that's an awesome picture! Glad you had a good weekend, even if sewing has been foiled. And super good luck with your label contest! :)

  7. ack! A snake in the water? That is my worst nightmare! Too bad there was no wine :( but at least you had something good to drink...ehhehehee...sounds like it was an amazing adventure!

  8. You've hit here upon my most sacred summer ritual: Beer in a canoe, preferably floating down a river (as apposed to in a lake, in which you must do the dreaded "carry out"!). Can’t wait to see the label. I hope it has snakes on it!

  9. Oona and Ruggy
    Paddling a canoe
    Drinking so much Fat Tire Ale
    The water moccasins had to watch out for you



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