so howdy and welcome...

what to do with a 54 x 54 inch canvas that refuses to produce acceptable results? cover it with fabric! i swear this canvas is--was--cursed. i mean, it can't possibly have anything to do with the artiste. i got it right about this time last year for 40 bucks at a garage sale, which is insane for a canvas this size. now i know the reason. it is impossible to paint. i've tried twelve times. it was probably used by an art student who was constantly brow beaten by some cranky teacher who told her not to paint the thorns on the roses because they aren't pretty.

okay, that was me in the 5th grade, but i'm SURE she had a similar experience.

R actually really liked version 12 of the painting, so i couldn't destroy it. i also couldn't look at it anymore. so now it's waiting patiently (demonically) underneath what i guess you would call a quilt, until the day when we have a three story lavender house with a wrap around porch and it shall live in The Room I Will Rarely Visit.

and the quilt will live with me.


  1. Hi Oona,

    54 X 54 reminds me of "Car 54" in stereo. Maybe that's why the canvas won't paint -- you need to use AUTO PAINT and TWO BRUSHES.

    Try it.

    The real world misses you. Please try to come back before you become Sheila in this universe. You can bring the quilt if you like.

    Big Daddy

  2. thanks big daddy (love the moniker, by the way).

    i could call it "car 54 where are you" and use tank as a model:)

    alli left today to drive back to the real world. i linked her blog if you wanna follow her adventures. hopefully we won't be too far behind. if i arrive in bedazzled glasses will you still love me?



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