good morning

breakfast of champions.

so my mom has what you would call a green ARM. every plant she looks at grows. when my mother walks into a greenhouse/nursery, every leaf in the joint straightens up like it's adoption day at the pound. "she's here again! i hope she picks me!"

i did not inherit that gene. i walk into trader joe's incredibly cheap, incredibly beautiful plant section like a kid at christmas, and anything remotely green recoils instinctively. and yet, i am about to force some living thing to brave my care again. green mom is sending me-- what are they called? tubers? of canna. big beautiful 6 foot tall canna with names like cleopatra and king hubert. (thanks, by the way, mom. in my complete terror at the thought of growing something FROM A POT OF DIRT UP i forgot to say that.)

so here, mom, is our back porch. about a 5 foot rectangle of real estate that gets about 5 hours of blinding sun a day.

those poor plants. so excited to be sent to such a glorious address... only to end up with me. what's next, dad, are you going to send me the makings to build my own motherboard?

cats, now... those critters have NO problem growing for me. 


  1. Cody looks like something that escaped at the San Francisco zoo.

    I have the makings of a mother bored right in the next room that I'd be happy to send you. :)

    Good luck with Cleo & Hubie.

  2. (That Big Daddy is a crack-up)

    Cody is so adorable, a real pin-up cat and he poses so well for photos! He needs to be on the cover of some cat magazine!
    Green arm, huh? I LOVE your style of writing-you should write a novel, I'm serious.
    That porch has real possibilities.
    I think it oozes charm, do you guys have a small bistro table with two wrought iron chairs? You could fit more plants in there that way, wink, wink.

  3. ps--Cleo, King Humbert, Orange Beauty and Tropicana should be arriving on your doorstep in one month so get ready!

  4. Eileen, why don't you send Florida's Natural instead of Tropicana? Florida's Natural is better than Tropicana. You always say so yourself.

    And I guess I should have said, "Good luck with "Humbie", not "Hubie".

    Humbert. Isn't that what Ernie tells Bert to do when he doesn't know the words?

  5. what the ?!! i left a comment days ago and it didn't post! am i reverting to my computer illiterate days? no, it must be blogger's fault. yes. anyway, it went something like, "mother BORED, i get it. that's a really good one... if i pinned a pic of cody up on the wall said wall would probably fall... as would our porch if we put a wrought iron set on it..."

    anyway. one month, eh? that gives me ample time to hone my skills. what skills should i be honing?

    dad, you should have a blog called "no pun intended". catchy, right?


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