seriously, isn't the payoff for living here constant sunshine and a median temperature of 77 degrees?

we are not only underwater outside, but also inside... pretty much everyone in LA has got the plague, and r caught it a few days ago. so the good doctor has advised us to drink plenty of water and cram vitamin C and zinc. said doctor practices in beverly hills... in a beautiful office where all the other patients were waiting for their botox injections. ah, the good life. did you know virginia madsen advertises for botox? yep. i was surprised. most women around here do it, to be sure, but i think her support is akin to dole's viagra announcement. as for me, needle in the face? no thanks.

more importantly: in an effort to drink water, i gussied up the reusable glass bottle.

picture taken on a sunny day, like, 2000 years ago.

i can't say it's made me drink more water, but i sure do like looking at it.

off to heat up some soup. our world is made entirely of liquid.


  1. Well you know, Oona, three quarters of Earth's surface is covered by water. If you've had enough rain and plague and you don't want the ever popular botox injections you could always trade your tiny LA flat for a nice, roomy NYC co-op. :)

    Sorry to hear r is plagued. I hope you escape it.

  2. i love this water bottle cozy! adorable. i think it'd make me drink more water.


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