the doves are back!

we live in a tree house. every window of our second floor apartment has ficus, palm, and evergreen (i think) trees within arms reach. when we first moved in, there was a pair of doves right outside the window by my desk. layla made quick work of scaring them away, they would sit and stare at each other for hours, layla making this weird no-noise at them. they left, and i think they left their eggs behind as well. damn cat.

but they're back!

so far the cats are really upset about it.

the doves will get payback when i shatter the felines' cozy existence with my mad painting skills. i have the thumbs up from our lovable jekyll&hyde landlord to PAINT! what color do you think? yes, i know there are about 80 shades in that picture. and?


  1. Hah, look at those bad cats! All cozy and waiting to pounce on birds and doves too, the bird of peace. Cats are related to the devil aren't they??
    What colors to choose. Well I'm doing lavender in my computer room--back porch is a color called "pale sunshine".
    Those colors you have are opposites of each other I think, are you going to use them together or only one?

  2. veeeeery iiinterestink... so i have picked opposites, eh? that makes sense. one will be the living room & one is for the bedroom. r's afraid the orange will make him hungry :)

  3. Hurrah for COLOR! I love it when people make bold choices on that.

    And silly cats! I think I can almost hear exactly what no-noise you're talking about. My cat used to make this noise somewhere between a meow and a growl and a hiss that wasn't really any of the above when watching birds. Maybe like an angry chuckle.

  4. that is EXACTLY what she is doing. damn cat.

    yeah, our real home is watermelon red, chartreuse and cornmeal yellow. an acquired taste, apparently... we were told we'd need to paint if we had any hope of renting it out. FEH.

  5. CATS! Mine managed to bring one dove home and my cat has an access to the fire-escape stairs and the roof only (Brooklyn living). Fortunately we saved the bird. I guess my cat was just looking for a friend.

  6. oh NO! i'm so glad you saved the dove. and god do i miss east coast living-- we lived in manhattan for 12 years and are hoping to get back soon (though i don't know what the cats will do without their daily tree entertainment).


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