hello, sugar!

yeah, it's more like valentine's week around here as i have not yet sent out any of the 25 valentines i made... it's the thought that counts, right? meh.

these were made from a big bag of cards r's grandmother saved over the years. his dad has got me pegged, he gave them to me over christmas... hope he likes his :)

and r liked his valentine's day pants. he's got green horsies, and i've got red. cause nothing says valentine's day like horsies. we don't really go for chocolates (buy it once a week) or flowers (cats eat them) on valentine's day. r got me stephen king's "the gunslinger born"-- marvel comics is doing king's gunslinger saga as a graphic novel. i danced around the living room in glee when i saw it sitting on my desk.

i gotta give it up for ms amy butler's "in stitches". i was at first very irritated about this book-- liked the results (your kimono robe & apron, mom 'n dad), but hated the instructions. because they weren't written as i would write them. and my way is ALWAYS THE BEST WAY. when i finally decided to follow the directions without judgement (or outright skipping of steps) i was much happier. this book rocks.

yeah, my hands are pretty big... but they're not that big.

the pants, however, are HUGE.


  1. Aw, cute, cuter and cutest-love those pants.
    Who's getting that "sugar" valentine, that is sweet.

  2. I love the 'hello kitty' bandaids - they're our favorites around here!

  3. if you've got a cut, might as well make it pretty!


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