co-dependence day

r is home! r is home! happy co-dependence day! and he brought me chilean candy!

so, remember when i said i would be bringing the creative noise? i lied. let me explain. we basically spent the first two years of our marriage apart. i was on tour, r was in NY. first, the rule was no longer than six weeks apart. then four. it quickly dwindled to one week. now, thirteen years later, we don't like to spend so much as a weekend away from each other. but spend it we did, two whole weeks alone in this train wreck of a town. i decided i would handle it by doing something creative every day (INSERT LAUGHTER OF THE FATES HERE). instead i got fourteen days full of some very crappy auditions (at one, i was asked to RAP) and round three of the vet hospital with layla. don't ask. i did have a few good days at the beginning of the trip, when r was in chile and i was excited for him--painted the apartment once again--but that quickly dwindled, probably around the time he got food poisoning from a bland piece of tuna, and then really coming on full force when he was with our friends, announcing pregnancies (theirs) and eating various grilled meats.

(by the way, how awesome is my husband: worst food poisoning of his life and he STILL brought me candy. it was waiting for me, arrayed on my desk when i woke up today. i'm most excited about the black and white tuyo bar, i'm pretty sure that wrapper is destined for a frame.)

it was not fun. but it could have maybe been bearable if i had stayed creative. and i don't know how many times i have to have the epiphany that good things come our way when we're happy before it finally sinks in. so i'm issuing myself a little challenge. starting monday, i will create something every day, and post about it every day. and i'm extending it to anyone that might want to join in. and you can do whatever it is that makes you happy--doesn't matter if it's cooking or gardening or wrenching on your car--you just have to post about it every day for a week. i'm calling it the Week Of Happy. i hope you will join me!


  1. Count me in!

    I'm so glad you've been reunited. Jason and I have had a similar relationship, I think, in terms of separation. We spent the first two years being apart for Christmas breaks (4 weeks), visits home, and then the summers. After moving in together, I've grown so accustomed to being with him, and it's such a luxury to spend holidays together. I was just in NYC for six days and it seemed so much longer!

  2. I'm in for the "week of happy too" Oona! Of course I don't sew but you did say we could create via gardening or whatever right?
    You painted your apt. again???
    Curious on the colors you chose.
    Very sorry about Layla, I really thought she was getting better.
    Those candy bars look very interesting, did you taste any yet

  3. mick: being away from each other for the holidays is the WORST. there ought to be a law.

    eileen ;) yes, gardening is definitely creating!
    as for layla & the apt, they are both in flux but getting better. and i may have some candy to kick off the challenge week, which i am so happy you are both doing!


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