WOH, day seven: the circle is complete.

or rather, the stripey stripey lines have come full circle...i took this skirt (before pic below) from my mom's magical attic. every time i looked in that attic, there was some new-vintage-awesomeness that i desperately needed to steal. often with the promise of NEVER EVER cutting said awesomeness up. but this floor length skirt had seen better days (many of which i spent wearing it into the ground), so it's getting a new life as a maxi-dress. still needs darts, and a zipper, but i think gathering the courage for more stripey creativity is a good end to the week of happy challenge, even if i didn't finish...

we're running out to see the man in a big movie...


  1. I love maxi dresses. This is too cute.

  2. your maxi dress is just perfect! i so love the colors. i definitely would have stolen that amazing skirt, too. thank you for inspiring all of us to take some time out every day this week to create! i know i'm certainly happier for it. :)

  3. Oona, that's one of the reasons we're so happy we moved to a ranch style house -- NO MORE ATTIC!

    Do you remember the VINTAGE purple suede fringe jacket in LIKE NEW condition you 'stole' from the attic with that same promise of NEVER EVER cutting it? Remember how you tried to blame one of your innocent little cats for chewing on said fringe that you had in fact cut?

    Bad Oona!

    The dress looks lovely. Post more pics when it's finished!

    Congratulations on your Week of Happy! May every week be so!

  4. My week of happy continues happily, because yesterday I set off to finish a patchwork pillow I started long time ago, and, of course, as usual with these unfinished projects, they were unfinished for a reason... the reason being you can't finish them in one day. Happy Monday!

    I love the dress, as far as I can see it!

  5. hmmmm.... i can't quite recall that story, big daddy, are you sure it wasn't a seed pod? they can be quite tricky, you know.

    thanks for the dress love, everybody :) i actually wouldn't have posted it so soon, but as i needed evidence for my final WOH post, there it is. (and it really did make me happy to work on it!) i am SO glad you all joined, and there will be a little mash up/wrap up tomorrow....

  6. Whoa!!! I thought wow, where on earth did she find material just like that skirt??? Hmmn, can't even recall when that skirt went missing--it looks really good in its new life--now about that purple suede fringed jacket...


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