i feel the earth move under my feet

well, more like slide around under my feet. we had a bunch of earthquakes here in LA today, although i guess most of them were aftershocks. like 24 of them. i've got limited internet time as web type things are in flux, but i thought it was interesting that i planned on posting this pic today of my very! first! burda WOF magazine! because it reminds me of a map of shaky terrain. and that's just what we got today. i've been enclosed in a small room with singers and musicians all day, so i don't really know the extent of the quakes, but i think most californians may be considering it life as usual. i hope.

gotta go sing... but sewing goodness tomorrow, courtesy of the map above...


  1. Yes, it reminds me of the seismographs they're showing!
    Very glad to hear you're okay Oona, I can't even imagine feeling the earth move 24 times! Yikes!!!

  2. Glad to hear you're safe and sound.

    This sounds stupid, but...what's a WOF magazine?

  3. Eeep, glad to hear you're ok! I can't even imagine... the closest to an earthquake I'm likely to feel on this coast is the construction next door.

    And have fun with the WOF! I keep wanting it... but the $80 subscription keeps stopping me in my tracks! Oh well... at least I can afford BurdaStyle. ;)

  4. well, i felt the first one most. it was fun, like a roller coaster, actually.

    mick: ah, it is Burda World Of Fashion Magazine (more on that tomorrow), and as becky says, it is an expensive addiction. it's why i've only bought one issue :)

  5. You're lucky! For both being all right and for getting the Burda. :-) I don't buy them usually, I borrow them from local library... isn't that clever? Of course, there's a delay, but I don't mind, I never followed latest fashion trends...

  6. www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifEc-RazQlY

  7. I love those pattern sheets, I'd love to wallpaper a room with them. I lived in New Zealand for 5 years so I have felt the odd earthquake but 24 in one day! insane. Keep safe xx

  8. hana, i never even thought of that, and i use the library into the ground! do the pattern pages stay with the right issue?

    (evil oona: naughty little pooch, there's your wallpaper resource)

    no! that would be horrible.

    i'm shakin to jerry lee right now, big daddy. but he's also kinda creepy. dig that hair, baby.

  9. Of course, that depends on whether your local library has them...
    And the paper sheets also depend, I think. In the new ones they definitely do stay in place.

  10. Oooona about time you got into Burda World of Fashion magazines, I love the top you've made and it gave me an idea for one of the fabrics in my stash :) Thank you!
    I just hoped over to your blog from BurdaStyle :)


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